IC]NIZ Duo82

Hello everyone,

With production underway for our last project, the NiZ Atom 68 II, we are now ready to begin the Interest Check phase for our new project: the NiZ Duo82. The NiZ Duo82 is a custom aluminum case for the NiZ Micro82 electrostatic-capacitive keyboard, with a design inspired by the Anologue Duo video game console (https://www.analogue.co/duo).

We built the first prototype months ago and have produced more than 20 samples since then, improving the design based on the feedback we have received on the early renders and prototypes from our communities on Discord and zFrontier. Most notably, the design of the decorative waves on the back of the case has been altered to optimize the size and shape, at the suggestion of our users. The rendering below shows the improved design, and we expect to have a new prototype using this design produced in 2-3 weeks.

Basic Information

Typing Angle: 6°

Case options:
Aluminum:Coating( Black, Gray, Silver, Yellow, White, Blue,Pink)
Polycarbonate: Frosted White with anti-scratch coating
Weight options: Coating( Black, Gray, Silver, Yellow, White, Blue,Pink)
Brass: Transparent electrophoresis coating
Plate options:
Alu:Coating( Black, Gray, Silver, Yellow, White, Blue,Pink)
Brass:Transparent electrophoresis,coating( Black, Gray, Silver, Yellow, White, Blue,Pink)
FR4:Black with gold trim, White with platinum trim
*Plates are 1.5mm thick
Stabilizer options:
Costar stabilizers
Cherry-style plate-mount stabilizers
*Each plate will be cut to support only one style of stabilizers
Plate mounting system:
Top mount
NIZ electrostatic-capacitive PCB with USB Type-C daughterboard
Fully programmable using NiZ software
2500mah - 5000mah
Compatible with all profiles of Cherry MX-style keycaps
75% layout
1.75u Right Shift
1u Right Ctrl, Fn, and Alt
6.25u Spacebar

Q:What quality can be achieved in the finished?
A:Allows some blemishes that are usually not seen when the keyboard is assembled or built. This can be anode or tooling marks. Small color differences between different same-color parts can be seen as well.
Q: Can you change the layout?
Q:How will the keyboards be programmed?
A: Will be programmable by NIZ firmwire, and the latest firmwire will regularly update by discord.



Finally a high end 75% from niz! I’ll be watching this closely

I think this could look pretty spectacular in all black or in white with black accents.