[IC] Noxary T60


I mean thats fair enough - (and I get partial plates have been around for a while) But my top mount boards have significantly less flex in feel. That might not be the case in practie, and of course diffferent materials and switches can affect this feel too. I might do some science on that with some weights and the calipers.

I am stil interested in the flex in the middle bottoming out - on the 268 for example, screw in stabs touched the bottom of the case. If thats the same for this board (depending on stand off height and depth of case) there may be a risk of shorting.

That being said, I’m all for innovation and I’m def interested to try - @xondat I’d love to come and take a drive over when you get the sample…


I’m interested.
+1 on having the logo somewhere on the outside instead of under the pcb.


I’ve never actually heard someone claim they have less flex in top mount vs tray mount. That’s quite fascinating to me. Though “flex” can be hard to determine, I feel. I mean, most configurations that are meant to flex, don’t flex a ton. Generally speaking, it’s just more meant to feel more natural and free, vs tray, where you are actually physically stopped by the center pegs, which in my experience, is completely true.

I’ve not used a 268, but that is interesting. Seems like a CRAZY amount of flex to me, if the pcb/plate bend far enough down to touch the case. Regardless, shorts are never a concern, at least for me, because I have a $2 roll of electrical tape, which has never once been defeated by a short. :wink:


We might be talking at odds here on perception. What I see is flex is different parts of the board reacting differently. I.E. on a GH60 you have different areas that feel different. On a Top Mount board the fastners aroudn the edges give it a rigid feeling on the edge with a slightly softer play towards the middle.

So by less flex on top mount, I really mean more gradual changes in keyfeel - in difference to the tray mount style. More consistency on top than on tray

On this though - its literally just on the sides, lots of different key feel under the keys depending on where you are pressing I suspect.


Fun OT story, one time I had a lead from a 2+2 set of marine auto batteries that welded itself to the enclosure during a battery test. I wrapped it myself but it didn’t work, scared the shit out of the poor trainee I sent in there. I was exonerated by the melted tape with a hole through it. After that, QA added steps to isolate the cabinet because we lost 2 batteries and a controller board from that little event.

Also, I’m not a fan of flex. I’ve been wrong before, I hated linears once.


Any chance for a polycarb plate?


Will have 7-8 available in the next couple of weeks. Won’t hype it up too much as I think at least that many are going to go for one. They’ll be on shop.noxary.co, I’ll try and remember to give a heads up here. Best place to follow progress is on my Discord (noxary.co). These are part of a factory quality test, so hoping they’re good!


One of each color kinda deal?


The Revo One 60% case was missing a center standoff and I remember people disliked the design because of it. I actually quite like the effect because it gave it a slight bit of flex and also changed the typing sound. I think this is a good design feature and love the look of this case.


Oo forgot to say. All are Blue Gray (8181 C).


@xondat … can you post up an invite to your discord channel again?


It’s just noxary.co :slight_smile:

Edit: Seems like it’s been removed even though I’ve never touched it… Weird. Try this https://discord.gg/MJNc3aQ


Shipping to me soon :slight_smile:


dang that color is super super nice. cant wait to see the other colorways. :+1:


Is this the blue-gray that will be used on 280 also?


Same factory, yep.


R1 is just this colour but hopefully will expand in the future


that what im hoping for. hope this one drops when i have some money available


Hope you have money tomorrow night!


nope :joy::weary:

ill have to wait it out for the other colors then i guess.