[IC] Noxary T60


Going to run this in the future, first round will be limited to 25 to test things etc.

Aiming for sub $100 price for the bigger rounds, so I expect the first round to be just over that (maybe $109 or so).

Colors: Blue Gray, Dark Gray, Pink, Crimson Red, Silver, Black, Violet, Olive

Angle: 8 Degrees

Front Face: 16mm

It’s just a tray mount 60% case, only special thing is the 4 mounting posts instead of the usual 6. This should create more flex in the centre, and making the feeling a bit more consistent in what it should be.

Compatible with any 60% PCB. I’m not providing a PCB. Brass 1.5mm plate will be available, think $30ish.

Any questions, etc. Please ask :slight_smile:


sounds like a good idea dude would definitely be interested

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Very promising, I am in. I would really like to have the Noxary logo on the outside though, not sure if others share this opinion.


I will be picking one up. I agree with @fcoury. Logo is too nice to hide.

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I’ve already tried the 4 pole, even 2 pole with a side bezel all around. I only have pics of the 2 Pole case atm, my brother has the 4 pole Tina-B case, but i digress. What im trying to say is, 4 pole tray mount greatly increase the typing experience, there is actual flex in the plate and pcb like this. Even the sound is improved with less ping noise.

Im definitely in for one, i like this design way more than the Klippe and Tofu.


Interesting, I never knew boards flex was an issue on people’s minds. Interesting indeed.

Any ETA on when you may be getting color samples? The idea of a crimson board sounds cool.

I already have them, they’re the same one used for 280/220 :slight_smile:

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I would be down to get one.

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It’s a shame it won’t come with an option for a brass weight.

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Absolutely count me in for one, this will work perfect with Boardwalk when it is released.

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Good stuff, man. I like the idea of extra plate flex by taking out the center pegs. Simple and should be effective.

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Can do it in the future, but right now that isn’t part of the idea of a simple/cheap but different/solid tray mount case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the interest all. I’m going to order 25 of these in a few colors in the next manufacturing batch and sell R1 as in stock items (expecting in 2 months or so) :slight_smile:

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Would love to see a threaded hole to add a standoff with a piece of thin rubber on the top in the middle, almost like a motherboard tray. That way there would be something in the middle for stability if the PCB allowed it.

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Im interested.
I will be following and looking forward to seeing samples of colors. Really like your logo.

I think the general idea here is that it’s designed to not have that, so the plate will flex more.

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Is more flex desirable?

We seem to be moving towards thicc plates, top mount cases etc - all looking to reduce flex in our typing experience. I’m interested to see what this feels like and may sacrifice a gh60 case to test the feeling.

Given xondat’s tight tolerances, I’d also wonder if the flex may cause potential shorting issues in the middle for heavy typists depending on plate choice.

That four stand idea is pretty neat! If that’s a high profile lip I’m in.

Actually, top-mount (and by extension, sandwich-mount) is desirable BECAUSE of flex, since it’s only mounted around the edge and nothing is supported in the middle, like it would be in tray-mount. This has always been the overwhelming preference among enthusiasts, because the bottom out is a lot less harsh, regardless of material.

Though, the new 5mm plate trend obviously doesn’t go for any kind of flex, it brings other merits to the table that are just different and interesting in their own way.