[IC] Oxalis 1 - A minimalist rotary encoder peripheral

Hi everybody!

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Geekhack [IC] Oxalis 1 - A minimalist rotary encoder peripheral

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We have been buys at American Haptics developing our rotary encoder peripheral. We are in late stage product development and ready to run an IC to build momentum for pre sale.

The Oxalis 1 is a sleek and minimalist rotary encoder peripheral, built with luxury and comfort in mind.

It is 3 inches (7.62 cm) in diameter, 1 and ½ inches (3.81 cm) tall, and weighs about 10 ounces (283 grams). All this material gives the device a smooth action and nice haptic response. It is built on a QMK flashable PCB, driven by a Bournes pushbutton rotary encoder.

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We plan on running the interest check for about 4 weeks, then running presale for 4 weeks. The solid brass option will only be available during pre sale, at a higher price.

Thank you for your time and we welcome any and all feedback.


You guys keep spitting out attractive renders and good ideas, but have you brought any products to market yet? Just concerning to see no real photos on a product sale page, especially when the item is assumed to be “in stock” as there is no information on the page to indicate otherwise. I see a couple photos of real objects on your instagram, why not add those images to the actual product listings so buyers can see what they’d be receiving?

EDIT: all that being said, the prototype for this encoder looks amazing, and I’m super down to get one, would be nice to see USB-C on the final version. Not trying to hate or bash you guys, just a little sketched out.

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Firstly, thanks for chiming in.

I completely understand how sketchy that looks. This product has been in development for the better part of a year and we worked on getting to this point with a high level of executability before letting it out into the wild.

We did hit an unexpected snag with the mats, and have to order more tooling (ouch!), so that has pushed our schedule back on going to presale. If you gave us your email address on the IC form for the Workmat, we will let you know when the presale goes live. We will not accept money from people until we are positive we can deliver a product.

We are strongly considering USB C for the final design.

ps thanks for saying our renders are attractive :blush:


I might also add that we expect to have product photos up some time next week to replace renders, at least on the RBT key caps. Touch tool has been manufactured for a while and we also need to take good photos of that.


great! thank you for this lovely response, your openness (and the prototype) inspire confidence in your ventures, I’m very excited for this project, as remarked in the reddit post, it is very surface dial-esque. I hope to see more from you folks.

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