[IC] PBT Blue Velvet

Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce my newest set to Keebtalk.

PBT Blue Velvet

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While it is not my first keycap set, this is will be the first one posting to Keebtalk. I designed my first set “KDS Chainsaw” about a year or so ago and since then, I have learned a lot more about Keycap design.

This set is inspired by the Velvet Room from the Persona series in celebration of it’s recent 25th anniversary.


I am still deciding what manufacturing process I would like to use for this and I will get into that later so below are colors both in SP ABS (which can be recreated thru manus like Keykobo) and Uncoated Pantone if I go the Dye-sub route.


TBD - Depends on manu type

TBD - Feel free to reach out if you’re interested



Base Kit

The base kit features a main color of blue and accents of black and gold. Part of the systems of the series are arcanas through social links or demon fusion. I wanted to pay homage to that so the alpha keys feature sublegends with icons for all major arcana that appear throughout the series as well as some minor arcana that also appear.

Novelties - “Residents Kit”

With the residents kit, I wanted to make sure all games and residents across the series were represented. As such, there is a novelty for every resident to ever appear from the first installment to the most recent. I have also included a version of the symbol for the room as well as an eye for it’s proprietor. Finally, I have included the grimoire as well as a “Welcome” for the greeting you receive when entering, and designs with my interpretation of the arcana card face.

Num Kit

Bars Kit

Keyboard Renders

Pillow65 by KeliumWorks

U80 by Rama Works

As stated earlier, I am not sure how I would like this to be manufactured yet. With double-shot, I would need to UV print the sublegends and some secondary colors and obviously have a bit higher of an MOQ and I would want people who like the design to be able to get ahold of it. With dye-sub, it would obviously be easier to achieve things like additional colors and sublegends but would not be as crisp in terms of legending.

Ultimately, I think I want to aim for double-shot but it will depend on the vendor.

If you would like to stay up to date on this or other sets of mine, feel free to join my discord!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and special thanks to Juxius for providing great renders for this and my other sets.


I actually pre-ordered KDS Chainsaw, and am waiting for that to be fulfilled, but based on how that goes, I’d be interested in checking this out. While I love multi-shot keycaps, I really like color pallet of this set.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your support! My apologies for KDS Chaknsaw’s unfortunate delay, obviously it’s out of my hands but I’m hoping it arrives this month as promised on Kono’s site!

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