[IC] Pegasus - 40% WKL Keyboard

Hello KeebTalk! This is an interest check for Pegasus.

IC Form: here

Pegasus is a 40% keyboard with a 12.75u “WKL” layout with 0.75u blockers. This keyboard was heavily inspired by the upper bezel/lower lip found on TX- series boards and ai03’s reference designs.

Case Design

The switch plate (which is also the raised bezel) is an integrated half plate that is sandwiched between the top and bottom with poron foam strips for dampening. I went with this approach as I prefer to have stiffer modifiers for tap/hold functions, while still providing a soft, comfortable typing experience in the alphas.

The weight is laser engraved with Pegasus which is the namesake of the keyboard. Weight material will be either brass or polished stainless steel (TBD).

In total, Pegasus is made up of 4 parts to assemble the case: top, bottom, switch plate and weight.

Please note that the colors in this prototype will not be offered in the potential group buy. More on colors below.

Some notable specs of Pegasus:

  • 6° typing angle.
  • Effective key height of 24.2mm.
  • Soldered PCB powered by an Atmega 32u4 with C3 Unified Daughterboard.
  • Support for 6.25u space and 2u/2.25u split space.
  • Optional rotary encoder support.
  • Flex cut on the PCB between the 2nd and 3rd rows.
  • QMK / Vial support.[/size]

Please see this reference document for additional information:

Typing Test

Supported Layouts

Color Offerings

The top colors offered for the upcoming group buy will be:

  • E-White
  • Indian Teal
  • Grape
  • Red

All boards will have a black switch plate and bottom. Both brass and polished stainless steel weights will also be offered! Please see the following for the different configurations:

Please note that this render is only to give an idea of the colors offered. Prototypes have been ordered and we’ll provide photos once they arrive.

P3D Store will also be offering a cerakote option during the group buy! Colors and pricing are still to be determined, but this offers a great way to get very unique, custom color combinations to truly make this keyboard your own. Examples of P3D’s cerakote quality can be seen here.

See original IC text here:


[size=14pt]In an effort to keep a potential group buy as simple as possible, there will probably only be 3 colors offered. The switch plate and bottom are currently chosen to be either black or silver to be easily compatible with a wide range colorways provided by the vast amount of amazing keycap sets. The decision on the case top offerings will be based on a combination of weight material and most voted colors. Polished Stainless Steel weights would mean black bezel and bottom will be chosen; Brass could mean either black or silver bezel/bottom could be offered. Ultimately, only one color for the bezel/bottom will be chosen (black or silver). Please consider filling out the IC form and add any comments on colors!

When colors have been chosen, I’ll provide much better renders to better illustrate the final product and then follow up with samples from the manufacturer.

Price and Availability

P3D Store will be the worldwide vendor!

Pricing for a base kit will be as follows:
$350 with US domestic shipping included.
All international orders will get a discounted DHL Express shipping rate to everyone can benefit from the base kit cost:
+$30 for Canada
+$40 for the rest of the world.

IC Form: here

Please let me know if there are any questions on this project. I’m happy to answer them to the best of my ability. Looking forward to any and all discussions!


[2/20/2022] The prototype shown in this post has since been updated with the following:

  • Overall height has been decreased to what is shown now (effective key height = 24.2mm)
  • Rubber bumpons have revised. Please see reference document for final bumpon footprint.

[3/14/2022] P3D Store will be the worldwide vendor! Pricing at $350 with US domestic shipping included. Worldwide DHL express shipping also included at a discounted rate:

  • +$30 to Canada
  • +$40 to rest of the world

Based on the IC form responses, we will be going with the following:

  • Black plate and bottom with top color choices of E-White, Indian Teal, Grape and Red.
  • Both brass and polished stainless steal weights will be offered during group buy.

Thanks to everyone that had filled out the form!

Prototypes have been ordered to verify color matching and show what folks can buy into during group buy. We expect these prototypes to arrive in a few weeks, but I’ll update the thread as news comes in.

Pricing for cerakote are still being worked on, but we hope to have a number by the end of this week.


Another amazing board MB!! I’m so excited for this one, what an interesting mount style

Man, if i had money to spend on this i would 100% get it, but recently got an exclusive 8.5 and am low on funds. Sick board tho.

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How can I get active updates for this? Don’t want to miss a group buy. If we filled out the IC, will there be an email sent to the email we used? Thanks!

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It looks like they are keeping the Geekhack page up to date: [IC] Pegasus - 40% "WKL" Keyboard. There’s also a channel for it in the 40s discord: discord.gg/40percent


Hey! Sorry for the delayed reply. codecoffeecode replied is correct, and I’ll also try to keep this thread updated as well.


Thank you!

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity in this thread. We just received the round 2 protos, and I’m happy to say the quality on these is really great! Here are a couple of shots from my build:

E-White and red turned out really good. However, the indian teal and grape colors came out much darker than I was expecting. I have ordered a few more color samples from the manu to get a closer match to the renders, and once they arrive, I will report back.

Imgur album to the round 2 prototypes: https://imgur.com/a/fnWVA4Y

Matching these colors is the last step before we start the group buy. Hope y’all are as excited as I am! We’ll have some more announcements in the next week or so.