[IC] Protozoa Foundation - an FRL TKL

I was totally, comfortably sure I wouldn’t be buying another TKL for myself in my lifetime.

well heck

I’m not saying I’m definitely buying it… but I’m definitely going to spend longer than I want to strongly considering it.

Apparently that top plate is magnetic and easily swappable. Neat!

Here’s the GH post, and here’s the IC form.


Yeah, this one is going to be REALLY hard to resist. It really looks good with the dark base and the frosted orange acrylic top-plate.


I liked this layout and design, but the choice of cork for the base material seems problematic at that price point; I can’t imagine that having a great lifespan. I shared this concern on the IC - hopefully they reconsider and/or offer more durable alternate materials for the base.


100% agree, this one’s going to be hard to resist.

I was so intrigued by the design/layout at the beginning, then I thought about having to reach over a column of keys each time I need to press Esc or modifiers (which I do a lot) and decided I’m going to sit this one out. Not to mention it’s a long boi and I could use all the desk space I can get.

The [Crin] Crin Keyboard – Cannon Keys seems more practical.