[IC] Protozoa × TX Oxblood switches

Browsing ghsear.ch as one does (thanks again for the killer resource, @ajoflo ), I stumbled on these - I hadn’t seen them when they were first announced back in September, but they look to be a “return to roots” mild-to-moderate center-bump tactile with a striking color:

Made by JWK and featuring a spring by TX:

I’m also quite a fan of Protozoa’s promotional materials / graphic design in general:

I feel more carnivorous already.


Boggles the mind to see people continuing to produce non-fully nylon switches with JWK, are there some sacrifices I don’t know about compared to the PC top? that said, looks amazing, and sounds like it might have an interesting feel to it. Browns++

Would love to see a deskmat of that graphic

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I’m not certain, but I think the decision is motivated by sound preference.

Protozoa did put a black-and-white version of that graphic on the P.01 / P.02 group-buy deskmats (and PCBs); I’d love to see it generally available in a variety of tasteful colors including this one.


I am excited to try these. I picked up some RARA switches in a GB, it will be interesting to find out if they are similar.

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