[IC] SA Colevrak(+)

The Colevrak(+) is the niche of this niche customized keyset business. Usually it struggles to MOQ so most keyset GBs would exclude it. Because of that, the Colevrak(+) users have very limited choices on customized keysets. Recently we talked about running it for some GMK sets in this thread. Since it has more praticable MOQ and price for SP SA, I would like to gather some interest to check whether it’s workable to run some SA Colevrak(+) kits.

The name “Colevrak+” is from dvorcol’s summary. Colevrak+ adds more keys to cover more extended layouts than Colevrak.

I made a form for the IC. It lists a few SA keysets which are on sale or about to run. Please fill the form if you’re interested. Any other candidate or idea is appreciated.



Not interested, but bumping for those who are! Good stuff.


Interested but not because i use the layout but bc i want to try it for less than 220$

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Hey man, usually the NorDe or NorDeUK kit in a GB covers those extra keys for the Qwertz layout. Since we’re not going to provide a full alphas+mod keyset(no way to do that for all themes), but only the colevrak kit. I don’t think it would be a good option for beginners.

If you want to try it in a low budget, I suggest you to join some popular GB with builtin colevrak support, for example, the coming Godspeed R2. It could provide all those kits you need for various layouts like 40, etc., also in a relatively low cost.