[IC] SA Green Book

Hi fellows in KeebTalk!

I would like to introduce to you the SA Green Book keycap set.


The movie Green Book won the Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars. It tells a story that a working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South. It’s an inspiring movie with a special story, solid writing, wonderful characters acting and fantastic music, etc. I watched this movie a while ago and felt really impressed by its light-weight feel and glowing spirit. And I saw the posters of this movie many times in different places. They had a simple theme in turquoise, white colors. Bright colors, light-weight theme, just like the feel of the movie. Then I realized it’s also a good theme for a keyset.


The keyset mainly uses a simple theme with turquoise background and white fonts, just like the posters of the movie. And it takes in a few elements in the movie as novelties. For example, the “Green Book” novelties key is from the little book that Tony Lip carried around when he drove Don Shirley to the deep south in 1962; the “LUCKY STONE” novelties key is from little jade stone that Tony and Don argued about at first, and made peace with later in the movie. It’s hard to visualize these concepts/items to icons so I prefer to keeping them as text. I hope this keyset design would express part of the light-weight feel and glowing spirit of the movie Green Book.


  • Manufacture: Signature Plastics
  • Production: ABS double shot, MX mount
  • Profile: SA 1-1-2-3-4-4

I plan to run the IC for a while. If there is enough interest, we might have a GB later. More renders will come up soon. No any schedule for GB date, vendor, etc. yet.


Special Thanks

I would like to give a big thank to all those who helped or contributed to the project(in alphabetical order)

Rama Works


I haven’t seen the movie unfortunately, but it looks nice. Is the blue the same color as the Zambloos kit for SA Pulse?

I think it’s the lighter blue from SA Dasher. This white is a bit warmer than the white used on Dasher.

The blue from pulse has a tad more green to it.

I was getting heavy dasher vibes from this

Looking at the color codes posted above, the main keycap color is either BBQ, which is the color used for Pulse, or BFN. It’s difficult to be sure which it is, but I’m guessing BBQ.

According to Massdrop, Dasher/Dancer used BBJ and BO for the light and dark blues. But yes, the white text on blue keys is very reminiscent of Dasher/Dancer, and since I already have Dancer I don’t see myself getting this. But to be clear, I think it looks good and wish you luck!

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Yeah, the color code is BBQ for turquoise. It’s also used in SA Pulse. Have no idea why the color is pretty much off in the layout picture in this thread but the renders present it much better.

The color code is different from SA Dasher. But in term of vibes, I guess all simple white on blue themes would have the similarity to Dasher/Dancer mixing look, given different mixing ways or lighting conditions. It doesn’t make much difference to use a slightly different color code, customized color or something like that. Pretty much a dead end.

I might try some other idea. Thanks for all your options!

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Have you considered using a different color for the mods?

Tried a few mods but didn’t get nice result. I guess the turquoise is not easy to be collaborated with. Please let me know if you have any idea about it. :grinning:

I having the same colors for all keys work very well. Kind of tired of the alphas + mods look (them being in different colors). So I vote for keeping it as is. The color looks very nice!