[IC] SA Jadeite

Over on Reddit’s r/MK there’s a new (and already quite popular) IC on the IMHO quite nice SA Jadeite:

It’s obviously following SA Vilebloom paths, but IMHO with much better layout coverage, especially non-standard ortholinear layouts.

Triggered by the request of the OP, I also once again started to categorize something (and yeah, once again buried offtopic in a thread on Reddit): 40% keyboard layouts and the fact that there are not that many different staggered 40% layouts out there as it may seem.

Wondering if I should restart that thread here at Keebtalk as I did with Enumerating the Rabbit Holes (and Dramas) in our Hobby. :slight_smile:

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It’s weird. When I look at this, one of the greens always looks wrong for some reason.

When I look at the greens from left to right, the mint color looks off.
When I look at the greens from right to left, the dark green looks off.


Agreed. Not for me