[IC] SA Skyriter | Launches August 7



I’m thrilled to introduce SA Skyriter, a vintage inspired, deep forest green, olive, and seafoam sculpted keyset design. The colourway is based on the early 50s typewriter, “Skyriter” from Smith-Corona.

Group Buy Date

August 2020

Vendors & Pricing

  • USA/Americas - NovelKeys
  • Canada - DeskHero
  • Europe - Mykeyboard.eu
  • Oceania - Daily Clack
  • Asia - zFrontier

*Includes VAT
†Includes GST


I have acquired a Skyriter typewriter to colour match against. Colours will be matched to the original typewriter keys except the legends which will use the Pantone colour referenced below.





























Interest Check Form

Technical Specifications

  • SA Sculpted Profile (112343)
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Colours: Alphas: Typewriter key colourmatched, Typewriter key colourmatched, Legends: 2261 C


I’d like to thank everyone who provided their early feedback and helped this idea grow. And most especially, thank you Voodoo6k for the beautiful renders and advice along the way.



Nov 7, 2019

  • Add mod coloured R2 1.5u pipe key
  • Added more complete ISO support
  • R3 1.75u stepped control key is no longer stepped
  • Removed R4 1u delete

Dec 9, 2019


  • Cleaned up Base modifier kits and split into child kits
  • Received preliminary quotes for new kits
  • Updated colours.
    Colours will be matched to actual typewriter keys that will be sent to Signature Plastics. This will mostly affect the modifiers which are now a bit of a cooler green. New renders reflect the updated modifier colour as close as possible. Final keycaps will use the typewriter alpha and modifier colours along with the previously provided Pantone legend colour.


  • Alphas Kit
  • TKL/HHKB/Tsangan/Winkeyless Kit
  • ISO Kit
  • Nupad/96/1800 Kit
  • Ortho/40s Kit
  • Spacekeys Kit


I am not currently planning a monotone modifier kit but I am still developing a novelties kit and/or a single metal artisan. These are early stages so plans are subject to change.

I’d love to get any additional feedback on the new kits. And even though I’ve put tremendous thought into these kits, now is the time to let me know if anything is glaringly wrong or missing!

Jan 20, 2019


  • Added vendors
  • Added Group Buy date

June 7, 2020

Alphas Kit Updates

  • Added 7u Spacebar

TKL/Specialty Kit Updates

  • Moved R4 1u Del to R1
  • Removed R4 1u Pg Dn
  • Removed R3 1u Pg Up
  • Added R4 2u Shift
  • Removed 7u Spacebar

Numpad Kit Updates

  • Removed R1 Del
  • Added R1 =

ISO Kit Updates

  • Added monochrome Shift and Return

Ortho/40s Kit Updates

  • Added additional R4 1u Shift

Spacekeys Kit Updates

  • Added olive 2u space
  • Added 3u space

Other Major Updates

  • Added DeskHero as Canadian vendor
  • Updated all kit renders
  • Added Minila, XD60,64 Support

June 21, 2020 Updates

TKL/Specialty Kit Updates

  • Added 2.25u Shift
  • Added R3 Pg Up
  • Added R4 Pg Dn

ISO Kit Updates

  • Removed monochrome Shift and Return

Monochrome TKL/Specialty Kit Updates

  • Removed kit

July 18, 2020

Major GB Updates

  • Added proposed Norde kit
  • Added Novelties kit
  • Added Breeze Blocks Deskmat
  • Updated Numpad kit with standalone support
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I love the color scheme of this set. I would change the color of the board used though. I would aim for something like the typewriter. I think it would convey the thematic story perfectly.


Thanks for that feedback! I’ll be adding more renders as this goes along so perhaps the typewriter colour can be used on a future case. At the start I wanted a colour that people might actually use but still convey a vintage look.
I do like that muddy textured typewriter finish though!

Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard turned out, in a way that I was not upset I missed out on the Drop. If there was a case with the typewriter look to it, I would pick up a 3rd job for it, super fast lol

Ah, nice to see you doing an IC! Love the colors for this, hope the SA market loves them too!


I love the colorway. If you could manage the original font for the alphas, this would be outrageously awesome.

Has anyone ever done the textured dark grey finish on a case (as in the original)?

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paging @donutcat

This looks great, though. The only thing I think you could add is possible novelties, but as-is, this feels like a classic set from years ago, and that makes me happy.

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My comments from the form:

I wish there was an all dark green version with just the olive for accents on esc, enter, and arrow cluster. I know that’s similar to SA nuclear data but this is sculpted and I like this green/seafoam better than nuclear data green/white

Is it possible to have an optional modifier kit? Dunno, maybe it’s fine the way it is.

I don’t know anything about typewriters, but I love the look of this one.

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Thanks for your support! A few people have expressed interest in a monochrome option so we’ll see if there’s enough interest to split up kits and add child kits.

Sadly, I don’t think I could redo moulds for all of the legends although I like the idea! As for the finish on the case, you miiight be able to reproduce a similar finish with powder-coating. I honestly don’t know how this finish was applied to the original typewriter. But it is really nice.

Thank you! I’m considering the addition of novelties and if I go the way of splitting up kits I’ll definitely add a novelty kit.

Thanks! I’m considering splitting the base kit into smaller kits and if I go that route I might add a monochrome modifier kit as there have been a few requests for that.

Thanks everyone for your interest and feedback so far! The reception of this set has been wonderful and I look forward to moving it towards GB. I’ve got a few things to think about at this point and will be working on some kit options, novelties, and reaching out to SP and other vendors.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to fill out this form as it helps me to gauge interest and gather feedback.

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You know, I’m of two minds about this. Because on one hand, yes, novelties (a M R novelty would be great) and the color swap mods would be excellent, and would make a lot of people happy. But on the other, this as-is is just a simple kit that you just don’t see anymore, and I think it’s something our hellish, 38-kit keyset market crazy world of keycaps needs at this point. Just some good ol’ retro simplicity that recalls both typewriters and days gone by for our little modern keyboard community.

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Updated base kit. See update notes here.

Hey everyone, I’ve made a number of changes to this set including updated colours and new kits!

Please check them out in the top post and updates post and let me know if you have any feedback.

As always, if you’re interested in keeping up to date with this set please fill out the Interest Check form!


Hey everyone, please have your tickets ready and prepare to board flight SA Skyriter. We will be taking off in August 2020 with the support of these vendors who will be hosting:

  • North America - NovelKeys
  • Europe - Mykeyboard.eu
  • Oceania - Daily Clack
  • Asia - zFrontier

In other news the reception to the new kits has been great, and while there may be a few tweaks to be made, I’m pretty happy with them. If you have any concerns about the kits please let me know!

Lastly, a novelty kit is in development and I’m really excited to share it with you. Right now I’m experimenting with a few different concepts. Given the amount of time until the GB I want to take it slow and get things right but I’ll post the novelties as soon as they’re ready!

If you’d like to show your support or offer feedback please consider filling out the Interest Check form.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. I’m looking forward to seeing you in August and I’ll keep you up to speed as we approach takeoff.


Wowee it’s great we have a date on the calendar!

August 2020 is a good deal of length away, but that means it gives us Keebtalk denizens time to save up hehe. Lookin’ forward to the set!

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Yes, In keeping with the flight analogy it’s similar to how it feels like the plane takes forever to taxi to the runway before taking off :joy:
But yeah, no surprise GB in 2 days announcement here! Save up your pennies!


Let’s just make 200 units now, have them in stock to purchase on Aug 2020. Deal?


Any clue what the SA queue might be looking like by the time we get to around August?

I like the sounds of that! Who wants to front the cash?