[IC] SA Skyriter | Launches August 7

Yep it’s in the TKL/Specialty Kit!

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Ugh. I need sleep. Thank you.

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I want this set like yesterday! I have no green color way keysets, other than a cheap Tai Hao set.

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I’m thinking about adding a NorDe kit as there has been a fair amount of requests for it (no guarantees). For those of you who would be interested in this kit, am I missing anything or have any of the characters wrong?

But SA can only have 2 symbols so it will never be correct. :upside_down_face:

This is good stuff! :wink:

Pretty sure Oblivion had 3-4 legends actually. As an aesthetic decision, are top and bottom legends sufficient? In keeping with the typewriter theme they never had more than 2 legends from the era that I’m basing it on. At least as far as I can tell!

That’s more than I know, but I think the r2 Z is important for the Germans.
Aesthetic wise It’s not a deal breaker for me, but the legends seems a tad small.

Added the R2 “Z”. As for the legends this is just what Keyboard Layout Editor spits out. I might have to do these legends by hand just to better reflect the real legend sizes. I’ll be using existing moulds which are the regular dual legend sizes.

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Ok, ye existing molds should be right.

I think this set would look good to mix&match together with the SA Godspeed + Ares mods I already ordered. But I need to find out if I like SA first. :thinking:

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Hi @cijanzen, inquiring minds want to know: have you finalized the deskmat design for this set?

Anyway, really looking forward to this as “unique and elegant” is an all too rare combination in keysets.

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Not quite yet. Should have an update by the end of the week though!

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July 18 Updates

  • Added Novelties kit and Deskmat design
  • Added proposed Norde kit and Standalone Numpad Kit
  • Applied keycap size labels to all non 1u keys


Breeze Blocks Deskmat


Damn, I was just made aware of this, saw the renders, thought a monochrome kit would be awesome, started reading down the comments, HURRAY it was added! Oh no, now it’s gone.


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What a wild emotional ride for you! At least the bandaid was ripped off quickly and you didn’t have too much time to get attached to the idea. Sorry it didn’t make the cut but I think the pricing and theme are ultimately better for it.

I am just glad I didn’t see renders anywhere.

The bottom row of novelties is absolutely fantastic. Really captures cool mid century iconography.

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Hey everyone, We have a launch date!

SA Skyriter will be made available for an unlimited group buy world-wide starting August 7, 2020. The group buy will be hosted by Daily Clack, DeskHero, NovelKeys, Mykeyboard.eu, and zFrontier.


Just updated first post with pricing and new kit renders. Not all vendors have provided prices yet but you get the idea. GB starts Friday!


Group buy thread is now live! Please continue discussion here: [GB] SA Skyriter Keycap Set | Shipping