[IC] Salamander


Here’s some very bad news.

I did not consider the schedule of KIN25

It was careless and thoughtless of me.

There are PCB to replace TX87, It is little expensive in Korea.

I will find another alternative and worry about it.

The GB will be slightly postponed.


I am 힝힝홍힝 who is active in the Korean community called KDBLAB.

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This is the IC thread of Salamander TKL.
The original group buy was held in South Korea, but I am posting as there were some requests for an international GB.



-Aluminium 6061 / Polycarbonate (Manufactured in South Korea)
-Sandwich mount
-7 Degree angle

Base Kit ($454)
There will be a limit of 20 kits due to PayPal withdrawal issues.

Top / Bottom (Aluminium 6061 / Polycarbonate),
STS 304 (Stainless steel) Plate
Polished STS 304 weight
Tx87 PCB (Leeku)
Tx bag

Color options

Black / Silver / Red / Blue / Champagne gold / Pink (Rose Gold) / Purple, Hard brown gray

Plate options

STS 304 / White PBT (+$15) / Black PVC (+$15) / Carbon fiber (+$20)
Alps plates are also available but do note that the only option for PCB is the Tx87 PCB for MX style switches.

Weight options

Polished STS 304 / Gold-plated Brass (+$36)


  • GB will start on February 1st.
  • FCFS through Google Form.


EMS - Ships from Korea
Asia ($35) / Australia ($68) / EU, Canada ($63) / USA ($75)


Color of the final product could different from the picture. Because it is really hard to take a picture color of product by camera
While I will put my best effort in to QC, I cannot guarantee that all boards will be 100% perfect.
Traces of manufacturing may exist where it is not visible when assembled, and small scratches or subtle color differences between top / bottom part may occur during the manufacturing process.
For serious defects, replacements or a full refund could be an option. For minor ones, a partial refund could be offered.
Plate / color options can be changed when the actual GB starts. In this case, I will notify you in advance.

Because of my poor English skills, I was misunderstood to people on keebtalk
Fortunately, I could write a more accurate sentence through a kind friend.
If you have the option you want, please let me know in advance.

Thank you for your valuable time.


I’m sure the combo of PC and Unique plate materials will get people interested. Looks like a pretty neat board you’re offering up here!


When will these be available? :slight_smile:

Absolutely interested! When will the GB go live?

Might be interested… but without the pcb.

Definitely interested in a PC

Interested in PC.

I’m interested in a PC case with no PCB.

I like hard brown gray. And yeah, do you have an estimate date?

I like hard brown gray. And yeah, do you have an estimate date?

Maybe Apr. ? May ?
I’ll finish as soon as possible.


Can we get a link to the GB form before it starts accepting orders? Can we get an exact time (with time zone) you’ll have it posted and up accepting orders? Does the board use an h87a PCB (hineybush will have an alps option for that soon)? Does it come with the STS 304 plate standard, with each of the options listed are add-ons (example: would a salamander with and STS plate and a PBT plate be $454+$15?+shipping)? Will this page, or the GH posting be the place you submit the GB form link right when it opens? From this post I’m not quite sure, but can I get a polycarbonate bottom and an aluminum top?

Definitely interested! Love that purple color.

The plan was a bit out of line.
The GB will be slightly delayed.
Hineybush is being considered as an alternative PCB.


GB will open in 1 hour and 20 minutes.