[IC] Sanctuary Rebirth- Diablo Inspired Exocet Keyset [Running Soon on TKC - zFrontier]


I’m not sure, I know they only had issues with producing a nice, dark, vibrant? black color. I’m assuming it’s due to them dying white caps.


My target for Sanctuary is producing a nice Charcoal grey, I don’t want the black to be a pitch black,

I don’t know if i should be grateful about this.

but, Thank you for your concern, Hiney, I guess I’ll talk to them for producing a prototype.


No problem! Just making sure everything turns out the way you want it to. A prototype or sample is definitely a good idea.



  1. The kit are sealed as for now.
  2. the samples are coming. as per community input, we are requesting some samples to the vendor, to decide which shade of red and black that we want to use.
  3. The vendor are sealed. this will be handled by TKC, zFrontier and its proxies.
  4. finally, some novelties!
  5. it’s coming close.


I’m eagerly waiting for this! :grin:


Hahaha, thanks. sorry for the long wait. bunch of things happened.


Still looking forward to this. :fox_face:


:sob: that font… nostalgia intensifies :sob:

:space_invader: When you’re a kid, you don’t have the money for video games and when you’re an adult, you don’t have the time for video games. :space_invader:

  • 80s & 90s kid proverb


I just noticed that Base Kit and Pro Kit both have RIV 1u Fn :thinking:


god that proverb. 10/10 making me feels right now


yeah, we think that spare Fn are not gonna hurting anyone.


This gave me a nostalgia rush. I want it, but I dunno if I have a keyboard to even put it on. /shakes fist


I honestly think 4-5 more novelties would be ideal. Anymore and this set might get delayed again lol.


Curious, I thought if tkc ran Terminal with mykeyboard, this would as well :stuck_out_tongue: Is it sealed for sure on vendors, no chance for an EU specific vendor?


yes, i decided not to add more novelties than we needed.


nay, vendor are based on TKC. i don’t know much about this, as this is TKC’s portion lol


has the samples arrived yet? :grin:

  1. WHEN?!
  2. Updates?


The set is looking really good @Lewynlight! Also I really like that it is gonna be produce with dye-sub PBT (hopefully thick PBT :upside_down_face:) in Cherry profile, instead of SP’s doubleshot ABS DCS it was originally ran in. Not that there is anything really wrong with ABS DCS, but I just honestly find PBT & Cherry profile much more desirable to it. I should say I am not a fan either ABS or PBT DCS caps, so not sure how many others would share that sentiment?

Gonna have to start stashing for this set for sure now, since it looks like it’s getting close to running soon! Diablo is one of my all time favorite game series & I can’t pass on an opportunity to get a higher quality set of this classic & IMO beautiful design of a key set! :sunglasses:

Anyways, I hope all is going well with getting this GB rolling & look forward to some updates when you got them! :metal:


Honestly, this GB thread looks dead AF