[IC] Shark Keyboards 40% Aluminum Case - The Short One

Firstly, to clarify, this is NOT part of the Shark PCB Group Buy. This is a stand-alone product which can be used with the Shark PCB, but we wanted to offer it separately.

Some quick details:

  • Designed by/with /u/Gondolindrim_

  • Aluminum 6061, natural finish.

  • Anodized in Gray, Black, Purple and Cyan - Feedback on this is appreciated.

  • Will accept the Shark PCB and Switch Plate, along with other 19mm-spaced PCB’s.

  • Switch Plate sits on top of the case, fitting flush.

  • Unique mounting system utilizing both PCB and Switch Plate mounting holes.

  • Will ship with M2 screws(10) and rubber feet(4).

  • Price will be $60.

  • MOQ of 100 units, will have 25 of each color mentioned above.

Gray Prototype and example of Purple color.