[IC] SLA Resin Printing - Form 2 Printer Services


Creating a thread to see if anyone is interested in Stereolithography (SLA) Printing Services.

The most common prints for the community would be Artisan keycap designs or perhaps small macro pad cases.

I haven’t researched the costs fully, so I will have to update this thread if there is interest, but it would probably be a flat printing fee per part or batch (?) and then a cost per mL of resin (calculated by the print program). I’ll try to offer cheaper pricing at first and adjust when I need to order more resin.

All prints will be properly washed and UV cured as well according to the latest documentation.

The Form 2 print size would be objects under 145 × 145 × 175 mm.

Clear resin will be the only option at first - since it’s already loaded in the printer.

I’ll upload some pictures of resin test print bunnies if people are curious as to what they look like.

I have an MX keycap STL design and will consider sharing it if people want to remix it into their own designs for printing.

I’ll check back on this thread tomorrow. :smile_cat: