[IC] Smol TKL - QMK compatible mini-TKL!


Hi there!

You might not know me and that is totally fine. I’ve been interested in keyboards and how to design them since quite a while, and now it’s time to reveal something that has been teased on a bunch of discords already - a budget-diy keyboard that adheres (mostly) to the TKL standard. It should provide a starting point to this hobby for people that have not soldered much or just want a board with a smoler price-point that they can use as a second board or gift to other people.

So without further ado - here it is! (and if you don’t want to scroll further down - here would be the link but for whatever reason it doesn’t let me post it?

Smol TKL

Layout/Design choices

When going into the Smol TKL there were a bunch of goals that I wanted to achieve. First it should be in a ‘larger’ form-factor since that is barely existing for custom mechanical keyboards. Second it should not require insane SMD soldering skills and just use a regular proMicro. And as a final goal it should not break the bank.
And all those things factored in gave birth to the Smol TKL!


  • TKL keyboard without the fn-row
  • MX and ALPS support for all switches
  • ISO support
  • No LED/RGB support
  • Wallet-Friendly

Current Status

So, here’s the thing: The PCB for the Smol TKL is already ready to be run with only the firmware needing some minor tweaks here & there. And I honestly don’t know if there’s demand for it to be run as a GB or if some vendors want to pick it up. But no matter which route it’ll end up taking one thing that I’ve wanted from the start when working on this PCB: I’ll not make a single cent on it and I want pretty much all that I’d make from it to go to a charity (like rainforesttrust).

Once I got figured out what I’ll go for the contents of the kit will be decided. Personally I’m leaning towards 2 PCBs with a bunch of standoffs so the kit stays affordable. If you are interested in a case I’m currently working on a 3d printable sandwich mounted case that should work on most 3d printers.
I’ll keep everyone that is interested updated! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for reading through all of this & hopefully checking out the IC!

Again, here’d be the link to the IC that I can’t link :frowning:


TKL are underrated. Thanks for bringing another one into the world!

Kinda relevant question: I’ve seen some boards advertise their boards as electro-static discharge resistant. Do you know what makes a board ESD resistant?

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Perhaps call it a TKLittle?

Anyway, this thing is so guh-durned cute.

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If done properly it will have a circuit to redirect and ESD event away from the important electronics, ie if you walk across a wool carpet and then touch the board and zap it you won’t fry the electronics.


Thanks for the replies & sorry for the delays answering them - my account was on hold & that made writing replies hard :wink:

To make up for it, please take a picture of the current (nearly final) iteration of the PCB (just missing silkscreen decorations)

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Im definitely interested. I’ve had a few discussions of the years with some community members about wanting a smaller form factor/condensed TKL project. This is close enough to get me on board.

oh, didn’t know you are also hanging around here too, pete.

good luck with your ic!


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And finally I can post the link for the IC - here you go everyone! :slight_smile: Please fill in if you’re interested! :smiley: