IC: Sorbothane Sheets

I’m in South America. Would shipping also be prohibitive for me? I’m really interested. @Manofinterests

To everyone from Europe who’s bummed that they can’t participate: EU/UK prices for Sorbothane are better than this, even with the GB discount.

This is the same sheet that Huey’s offering, just slightly higher hardness (50 duro vs 30 duro) — and it’s $14.8 shipped.

There’s also some 40 duro Sorbothane stock of the same thickness here:

12″×12″ is enough to cover two 75% keyboards. You could probably cover two CA66s with it, but don’t quote me on that.



In the US, the primary distributor for Sorbothane charges quite a bit compared to the distributors in other places around the world. I recommend to anyone not in the US to check out their amazon or local online shops to gauge Sorbothane prices in their region. I can only help the US folks since we are simply overpaying -_-

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I’m interested in a sheet or two, dude. But surely I’m not the only one who sometimes prefers the sound of an undampened case. I guess it really just depends on the case and the switches (and likely the day of the week, since my preferences often change :slight_smile:)

I’m in Vietnam and pretty sure no one is selling Sorbothane here. So who would happen to know any retailers/shops in SEA that sells this?

Asians should just go for the real master race of dampening:

On topic - this is interesting, I’d sign up if I wasn’t european!


Waz that? Any good?

Yes, not to trash this IC - but it is the best dampening material that I’ve come across (and I’ve tried a LOT). Dampening cases is one of my main “musts” with keyboards, and that one is the best with a thick cloth mouse pad coming in at a second.

Just look at this stuff:

Definitely interested in pre-cut and 6x12 sheets

Do they make them thinner? 5mm is likely too thick because I’ve found that 4mm foam sheet (SilverStone) was more often than not, slightly too thick to be placed under PCB and case without undesirable side-effects like pushing up stabs.


Definitely do. They make them thinner and also adjust how squishy the material is. I’m sure there’s a more technical term, but there ya have it.

Yes they do, check aliexpress. :slight_smile:

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Definitely in!

Sounds like there is enough interest and possibly enough to make the 50 MOQ. I’ll open up orders this week.


Awesome to hear! Where are you gonna be putting the order form up at? I’m definitely interested in 4 or 6 sheets for two upcoming builds I am planning. You think 4 sheets will be enough to cover a 65% & 60% board?

Depending on how quickly I get the information I need for shipping stuff, it could be as soon as tonight and as late as Sunday.

For the 6" x 12" sheets, each sheet will fill out approximately 1.43 60%s I think. Going by the gh60 measurements of 280mm x 94.6mm, this translates to 11.02" x 3.7".

This is an area difference of
72 sq" - 40.77 sq".

But these measurements don’t take into account how pliable the material is. For my whitefox, I used the 12" and it was able to easily fit (after some crafty cutting).

4-6 sheets might be overkill for two boards. If you’re only building a single 65% and a single 60%, two sheets will be enough. You can easily use 1 sheet for each, with enough scraps left over to put into another board for some effect.

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Cool, guess I was overestimating the amount I needed. Thanks for the quick reply & I’ll be keeping an eye out for the order form! :sunglasses:

As a note, my measurements are for just underneath the PCB. Some cases have a bit of more room on the sides, but the amounts I recommended should still put you in safe territory :+1:

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Also, in other applications I’ve seen this… people have had some concern about the surface being ‘sticky’. Cover the sheet with some tape or other surface and you’re good to go.

It would be really interesting to hear the sound difference it makes with both in between the PCB and plate as well as between the PCB and case.

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