IC: Sorbothane Sheets

I’m definitely interested in picking up a few sheets.

I’m interested too!

Me too. Need enough for a few boards. If we can have these stocked regularly by usual suspects after GB, that’d great.


Coming soon to a GB post near you :eyes:

Once I spell Sorbothane correctly


Update. 9/10/18.

Sorry this has been a bit delayed but…

I may have just got some good pricing for 12" x 12" sheets…




same here!

Looking forward to the GB

Will the pre cut version be offered as well or is that something for the future ?

I would get some sheets anyway… I think I can use the left over strips for stabilizing my hdds in my Nas enclosure …

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If huey isnt doing precuts yet im thinking ill just give it a shot by tracing the plate cutouts on the sheet with a box cutter

My thoughts exactly. I got some 3$ automotive insulation foam from Amazon to practice :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Another small delay because i’m awaiting quotes for 60% precut plate sheets. These will be sheets that you can fit between your plate and PCB. They will be approx 2.5mm thick.

Once I get this quote I will commence the GB.

The GB will feature

6" x 12" sheets

12" x 12" sheets

and standard 60% plate cut sheets
(for now just standard, in future runs will have alternate layouts)

If get a standard 60% plate cut sheet, you could always make extra cuts to accommodate a WKL bottom row+ stabs, a stepped caps, and a split R_shift (and ISO if you’re about that…). Just be sure to be careful with your scalpel/box cutter/cutting instrument.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I hope to start this soon :slight_smile:


Good News: GB Will commence this Friday

Bad News: No Plate Cut Sheets; the pricing is too high <insert a number between $100 and $200>.

I will still have the 12" by 12" as well as the 6" x 12" sheets. Everything will be shipped in bubble mailers.


Nice. Too bad on the plate cut sheets, but on the positive side, using the GB to load up on raw materials will be great incentive to try a few experiments I’ve been meaning to do. Thanks for pushing this forward!


Perfect !

I am an imbecile, but I wonder if there are folks in the community who could build a 3D printed “cookie cutter” that one could hammer on the sheets to punch them out ? or better, we could fashion something out of sheet metal ?

There… someone make it happen, and I’ll buy :slight_smile:

Gb when?

Sometime after I get home from work hehe.

Still at work for another 7 hours

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I think the question is not if you’re going to have interest… but if you’re going to limit the GB size. :slight_smile:

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Ready when you are…


Any updates here?