[IC] SPACE65 custom 65% keyboard


Well. To be honest, I want to use carbon fiber as a standard plate. Because carbon fiber feels really fantastic!
But aluminum and brass are also under consideration.


Thank you for your advice.,I will try it.
In fact, the “voyager 1” was put on the side of lightbar,because I want to make the effect look more exquisite.


Aye,it will support ISO enter


Yes. The new PCB solution is type-C interface and use qmk firmware.


Yes,definite programmable:smiley:


Wow!Thank you so much for your appreciation.


At which price point are we roughly looking?


First off, very very nice design, can see a lot of work went into this! Good job.

Speaking of work put in, I’d love to know what software you used to create the design drawings, I’d like to learn what’s required to make something like this from scratch!



Wow this looks amazing. I would totally sell my FC660C and Tada68 to own this board. I will get one if I can fit it in the budget


Yay! and aww. I ordered laser cable from massdrop for usb mini cause I thought this keyboard was going to be usb mini. Hopefully they’ll let me change my order, but I’m super excited that you made this into usb C! :smiley: