[IC] SPACE65 custom 65% keyboard


Hi, everyone. I’ll show a new design of 65% keyboards:SPACE65 ;D.
Here is a short IC form of SPACE65,Thank you for your reply: https://goo.gl/forms/9vWFF0DgV4knsqQ92

Space65 is inspired by two great feats of my mind in 1977: Apple II Computer and Voyager 1.

Apple II:


In appearance, I want to design an ancient and modern keyboard.At the same time, it must be very distinctive.

Now I have completed the design, and below are some details of my design.

On the top side of space65, I followed the wide sides and the concave design of Apple II`s keyboard (Details on the left and right sides).


On the bottom, I want to design as concise and smooth as possible and have characteristics.So I made an asymmetrical design on both sides.


On the back, I designed a nameplate that almost runs through the whole keyboard. And there is a convenient wing to pick up it.


And a RGB LED light strip on the left side(Made of acrylic by CNC).


I am a little worried the overall effect is not perfect, so I quickly completed the proofing to test the effect of SPACE 65(Especially the effect of RGB).

But after receiving the sample, I found a very obvious mistake.

Its about logo,I want is the concave effect by laser(reference render).

Then I got the keyboard,I found its the white mark of laser carving.






The effect of switchs:

With SA caps:

However, the overall effect seemed to be good enough…

So,now it deeply troubled me, I am struggling which looks better(about the white mark of laser carving or Depth of carving).

In a few days, I will proofread again,then compare the two effects.

Other details:

Case material:Anodized Aluminum 6061

Plate:Carbon fibre.

Angle:5 degrees

PCB:Bootmapper;two RGB LED light bars;Switch LED Position:South

Colors: Black , Silver, Gray, Blue, Red(Up to now)

What do you suggest for SPACE65? So hope you could provide it to me, and then we can better finish the design of SPACE 65.

Effect of with keycaps.


Personally I would swap the exterior bottom case design and the interior case design. I think the minimal/mysterious waveform design on the back would be both a conversation starter and would look beautiful from afar. It would become more of a show case of the product rather than an ad.


I agree. That graphic is way too interesting to hide :slight_smile:


I agree with this.

Also, the design makes me think of a smartphone haha


The bezels also remind me of a phone, looks good.

Great design, really unique. I have to admit, I thought it was a completely flat keyboard at first and got a little excited since ergonomic, non-ortholinear keyboards are rare. Still, that wouldn’t stop me from buying it. Keep up the good work :+1:


How to say, the two logo at the bottom is actually to echo the two concave shapes on the bottom.
I tried the way you said, but it didn’t work well.That make elements on the bottom will be somewhat isolated and not so good.


Ahaha,head sculpture looks nice!.
This is a low-key and steady beauty.


Probably because the ratio is a bit long.


Thank you. Thank you very much for your interest in this design.This design is like mobile phone should be proportional problem.


I’m digging this a lot. Definitely something different and unique!


Really digging this especially since the PCB is bootmapper. What’s the angle of this since it looks rather low/flat.

EDIT : oopsie . . . just saw it, 5 degrees. Would be good if the angle could be increased


Would love to see an MAO white version of this.


Will carbon fiber be the only plate option?


I really like the overall look of the board but I think the amount of text could be reduced or moved to other locations. For example the side that says voyager 1 could be moved to the back with the Space65.


will the plate and pcb suppport an ISO enter?


hi there,i’d love to see an usb-c type interface on pcb,will you add it?


Will the light bars be programmable?


Fresh design. I can appreciate it. :smiley: Lots of different parts on this one.




Aye, it’s 5 degrees.
About firmware,I decided to use qmk …