IC: Spring 2019 Austin, TX Meetup

After a year of no big meetups in Austin (Except for the awesome KeyCrawl), I thought instead of doing another San Antonio meetup again, why not do a Austin Meetup! More details will come out once the main venue gives us the ok to start planning the event! Right now the Main Venue that I am in contact with is the Google Fiber Space in Downtown Austin. If that Venue falls through I would love other ideas for a Backup Location. Feel free to leave comments or advice for here in this post! Fill out the survey here!


I live in Austin. It’s been a while since we had a meetup. Let’s do another!

Definitely, Google just got back to me on a date. I’m going to go check out the Space that they have and see if it’s big enough for everyone. I’m 90% certain that the date for the meetup is going to be March 23, but I won’t announce that until my official meetup post in the next couple of days.


I have a wedding to go to the 23rd, FYI. Earlier in the day is a little better.