[IC] The Cruciformer: a Tool for Fixing MX Stems



Pre-order is open! It’s a soft launch, I’ll be dropping a video demo and the testing data soon.

We’ve decided not to anodize the first batch because it lets users touch up or sharpen the tool, and that was more effective than the anodizing over a longer life time (anodization sharper for longer, but can’t sharpen; not anodized, sharpen forever and still works for dozens to around a hundred of cycles between sharpening). If there is additional demand, we’ll release an anodized version, but for now, just a nail file or emory board will bring it up to sharpness again. My SP SA ABS test caps haven’t shown any signs of stretching and the stems are trimmed to the right dimension even when the tool is dull (more numbers and final details on the jig to come).


Payment done. Waiting for them to be shipped to Hong Kong.


There seems to be no way to buy the jig. The store shows 35 bucks for the tool only with no option to include the jig.


Ordered, with jig!


The jig is a separate listing

Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


What if, hypothetically, I already ordered the cruciformer and didn’t realize I wanted the jig too? Can I add it on?


Oh! Thanks! That works. I’ll be ordering very soon (tool + jig). Ordered 1 tool + 1 jig! :blush:

Thanks for bringing this to the community!


Oh darn, I left out the jig in my purchase.

How to I add that to my earlier purchase of the cruciformer without incurring another shipping cost?


@thorin and @syke I’ll look into editing your orders

I need to fix shipping costs as it is over-charging people. I need to sync up with my EU proxy to save people shipping there.


@rud thanks. Will wait for your instructions.


EU proxy! :hugs:


Is there some picture/video demoing how the Jig will work?


I’ve redesigned the jig because I found that people who were new to using the tool poked themselves with the pins and sometimes bent them, so I’m tweaking the jig so doing a bunch of lose switches by hand isn’t as hard. I’ve got a demo video of just the tool going up with the complete launch tomorrow (for real this time). Because I’m changing the jig, I don’t have current demo reel of it.


The jig will work on switches already on the board, right?

(that’s kinda why I bought it - don’t want to go through the desoldering process)


Yep! I made it for that purpose, adding a bottom plate is just because I wanted to make it useful for both use cases.


@rud any idea when we are able to add the jig to our existing orders?


So sorry, thought I’d updated on that. . .

Anyone wanting to add a jig: Shopify won’t let me add to orders, but if you PM your order number and email address, I can cancel the first one and invoice you for a new order with the difference.


@rud I have just dropped you a PM


@rud Any ETA on when these will be posted out? Itching to build my first keeb but I’ve only just come across this boxgate issue after I’d ordered my switches.


In this community the mantra is patience. In time, padawan.