[IC] The Cruciformer: a Tool for Fixing MX Stems

I’m making the tweaks I announced here tomorrow when I have machine time, I’m just sourcing the last material for the jig and the packaging. I hope to start shipping next week, but no promises. I’m down to 2 or 3 last blockers and then we can roll them out.

Just curious how things are coming along :slight_smile:

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Writing out a post about it right now!

Here’s the post!


Any updates?

I was adding to the reddit update post linked above and someone mentioned the keebtalk didn’t have the same visibility, so here are the updates.

I’m still planning on starting shipping on the 18th of May. Waiting on packaging and jig completion. If you just want the tool, I can ship it in a bubble mailer ASAP but it won’t go anywhere due to memorial day weekend.

Tool finishing and jig delivery will affect that and I will update here if it does. 5/14/19 Day 1 of no contact from CNC shop after machining should be done. 5/15/19 Day 2 of no contact from CNC shop, I may be doing the machine time myself on Saturday at this rate if they’re just needing man-hours. 5/18/19 Day 3,4,& 5 no word until this morning. 60% of the tools are done, but I won’t get to ship until next weekend because I can’t take time off of work. Personal stuff coming up in June means I really want to get these shipped in May.

5-22-19 TOOLS ARE FINISHED MACHINING. I’ll be picking them up, running them through the ultrasonic cleaner to get cutting fluid washed out. Because of my job I likely won’t ship until the weekend. I am sorry for the delay, thanks everyone for being understanding.

5-25-19 Tools are done, BOX jig is being run over the weekend, redoing Nexus jig because my prototypes only worked due to kerf or 3D printing tolerances. Offering expedited shipping as listed above.

6-1-19 Tools are waiting to be shipped (that’s on me, I’ve had over 35hrs of work in the last three days). BOX jig 3D prints are beautiful and clip into the housing+stem perfectly, waiting for both BOX and Nexus jigs to be machined. Nexus jig redesign is good, test makes are happening this weekend. Still offering expedited shipping if you contact me and just want the tool. As soon as I start shipping, I’m going to ask the proxies to submit the order and they’ll get the bundled order.


This is exiting. I should somehow make a stream of me shaving hundreds of stems exciting :thinking:

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I’m still going to get one to you, I’m just waiting on the manufacturer to package. >:(

I likely wont have a chance to work on it this weekend with my grandfather’s memorial service.

While shaving simultaneously.

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I’ve started shipping! I apologize for the delays, but we’re finally getting there. IF YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF ADDRESS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW BEFORE I MAIL SOMETHING TO THE WRONG PLACE. I’m reaching out to people with bad addresses so if you’ve gotten an email from me regarding your address, please answer so I can ship to you. I’m currently shipping orders (in chronological order) with just the tool, as I’m still waiting on both jigs, BOX jig expected to be done in the next couple days, Nexus a week behind that. I won’t be able to ship again until Sat. but I’m planning to spend most of the day shipping orders with just the tools. The way that the jigs click around the BOX switch housing and stem is addictive, and I find it super helpful to have a jig for Nexus sliders and a bit overkill for BOX stems…

I struggled with the shipping and stupid order fulfillment process for hours before getting it working, but we’re set to keep shipping orders with the tool (just in plastic baggies in a bubble mailer for now). If you’re in the 1.5doz. or so order with just the tool, you should have gotten your tracking info earlier today. I dropped the packages off at the post office over lunch so they’re really on their way!

I’ve been fighting with both my bank and Paypal to get to any of the money, it still isn’t resolved, but I’ve been paying the manufacturer and shipping costs just to get going. If you’ve tried to check out using Paypal you’ve probably discovered you can’t, but I’ll try to get it back (despite really wanting to boycott them).

I’m writing this as a new post for visibility but I’ll try to link it in the other threads. I’m planning on adding an album of the tool and jig, but I’ll be around in the comments to answer any questions that come up. I’m trying to ship in the order that people pro-ordered so I probably can’t bump you up without a compelling reason, but I will be trying to get to everyone as soon as I can.


Dang, it looks like it shipped from Lincoln? I just was there a couple days ago

Haha, really? Yep. midwest manufacturing is better than anything in CA.

I believe it. I was on a lil jaunt through the Midwest on my way to a conference in Iowa.

Any update on the jigs?

The BOX jigs are being shipped slightly out of order, I’ll be going through in order when I get in to ship next.
The test cuts for Nexus are being cut. More details in the main thread.


Looking forward to seeing how these turn out for people :slight_smile:

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Me <— a people


Is there a demo video, I’ve done a few, and now they feel really loose. Would like to see what orientation to hold the cruciformer. It’s pretty challenging to use this, a simple diagram would be great. I have the jig. You also need tweezers to get rid of the plastic.

Just make sure that the flat of the handle is parallel to the LED window. It isn’t really a demo video, but you can see it being used here, which I hope helps. Because the stem is not symmetric, if you use it the wrong way, you will make it quite loose.

Those are some pretty significant deets that I would make more visible. I have now used the cruciformer wrongly on half of my switches because I thought the shavings indicated they were being effectively used.