[IC] the Heavy-9: housing for FC980C keyboards

Would you be interested in a big brother to the Heavy-6, which is to say: a Heavy-9? This would fit the FC980C, a Topre keyboard by Leopold with a layout that offers a numpad in a form factor not much wider than a TKL.

Will be entirely USA-made. I’ll definitely offer two textured powder coat in neutral colors such as textured white (K2) and wrinkle black (Royal Wrinkle) to complement the stock keycaps that ship on the FC980c. Perhaps others, including anodized, if enough folks are interested in the run.

Please sign up for the poll if you think you’d likely pick one up.

UPDATE: the product can now be found in my shop.

3-degree angle, like the Heavy-6 and the FC980C itself. Thick steel rear cover plate (14ga) for maximum weight and minimal sound transmission. GB sometime in the next month or two.


In. for sure.

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Well this certainly is exciting :eyes:

You know, he seemed like such a cool guy in person, and then he goes and drops my fave layout in the middle of a pandemic. The cruelty!

Yeah, I’m in. Time to go find an fc980c.


It’s gonna cost me a fortune (no 980C yet), but this I will be in on!


Welp, time to get into Topre.


Damn. The Heavy-N series grows to fit the Heavy-9, I don’t even use this board, but I might have to get one now. Once again considering a new board just because of a new Norbauer case release lol.

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Omg I’ve Ben waiting for this. Absolutely in.

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With a Novatouch, HHKB Pro 2, and HHKB Pro JP in my collection, I had no reason to consider the FC980C.

Now I feel like I have to get one. This looks absolutely stunning.

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hmm… was hoping to see smaller before bigger, but I’d have a hard time turning down anything by @norbauer

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I’m actually not sure yet which will come first. I’ve been taking advantage of a lot of free quarantine time to move a lot of projects forward. :slight_smile:

Huh, this was unexpected but it may be the case that finally makes me take a leap and get a Topre board (and actually try an 1800 layout for the first time!).

The Leopold boards don’t have MX sliders or anything, right?

Check this out


I hope there are more colors being considered than the white, black, and VHS. I really need a Retro Refrigerator board in my collection.

100% in. Now I just need to get an FC980C before they become scarce.


Haha. This is an unfortunate curse of my making housings for keyboards: they always seem to run out of stock around the time I start offering my GB. I have always assumed this was was just coincidental, but you implicitly raise an interesting hypothesis: perhaps it’s partly causal. :blush:


Voted for anodization as I already own a VHS and Royal Wrinkle, but I’m more eager to see any new coat ideas you come up!


I am waiting so long for this.

I actually picked up well-priced second-hand FC980C around 2 years ago low-key waiting for a Norbauer case so I’m definitely quite interested in this one. I’d love to see some of those unique powder coat options available such as VHS and Aperture :heart_eyes:

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