[IC] The Leftovers: New PCBs for Wyse and Apple IIc keycaps

The Leftovers: PCBs for Wyse and Apple IIc Keycaps

There are quite a few vintage boards that get harvested for switches, but more often than not once the switches are harvested there is very little use for the leftover keycaps. Wyse keyboards (for vintage MX Blacks) and Apple IIc keyboards (for Amber Alps) come to mind. The Apple IIc keycaps are particularly difficult to use because of the lack of 1.25 and 2u keys. But they are a shame to waste as they are very high quality.

So I decided to reach out to Kelvin Hall to see if he could put some PCBs together that make these leftover keycaps useable.

Wyse Guy, Little Wyse Guy, Ortho IIc

Here are the three designs so far. I am very happy with the Wyse-based designs, the Ortho IIc may need more time to percolate.

Wyse Guy

Little Wyse Guy

Ortho IIc


These are simple Pro Micro through hole designs with Alps and MX support. Yes if you are crazy enough to try out the Ortho IIc with a nice GMK set be my guest!

I will be posting the Gerbers, KLE JSON, and firmware on Github soon. These have not been properly ported to QMK. I am only just starting to build and test them and used keyboard firmware builder to create the hex files.

Would love to get feedback on the designs.

The Apple IIc keycaps are very tough to deal with. They are low profile keycaps and so look ridiculous in a low-profile case, you have to have a top case for them and it has to be almost 10mm thick . I had to use wood for this since I had no inexpensive plastic or metal options sufficiently thick.

Built Prototype Glamor Shots


Cool project bro.

I lean towards the 100% + sizes but don’t let my preferences stop you. These look sicK!


I’m not a fan of using the Apple IIc keycaps sideways for the modifiers, but at least it’s pretty symmetrical.

The Wyse one would probably be great for a lot of people into that 40% lifestyle


Thanks the IIc keycaps are really hard to use in any configuration other than how they ship (14.5u wide staggered). I tried shrinking it down to a 40% and it didn’t work at all so I tried Ortho and it is at least useable.

Both PCBs support MX and Alps, so blanks could be used for the modifiers on an MX board.


Those sideways modifiers really get to me but I almost want one just so I can put it on my wall. Its so unique

Hey thanks. I have some spare PCBs for all my designs, since the minimum order quantity is 5 and I can’t imagine building more than 2 of these :slight_smile:

But I did not order extra plates, you will have to make a plate with SwillKb and have it cut.

Sendcutsend is really inexpensive and fast in the US, but they have no finishing options (they will not brush the metal, etc.)

yeah send me a message. I will take one off your hands