[IC] Thic Thock Marshmallow Linears


This seems very interesting. I really hope this goes into GB soon so I can start hoarding these!


Yeah, these actually caught my eye as well. I’d want to sample some (or at least have a soundcheck / user review that I could read through) because I am a shill for linears.
EDIT: I also recently thought about these again for their housing. If it’s as smooth as they apparently claim to be, I’d be curious to see how they felt with a tactile stem.

GB is now live


Is there a sound sample anywhere? I’m definitely interested in picking these up

edit: The way the feel is described, it sounds a lot like Mitsumi switches on the Apple M0110a

there’s a soundfile in the discord #m-general one of the pinned messages.
Afaik topclack will also review the switches on stream this weekend

Discord Marshmallow Discord

Ordered a batch after reading Quakemz’s review which just came out.

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Tempting, I hate the color though. Might just go with some creams while NK has the BF sale still going cause I do want to get some nice linears for a future build.

Pink is not me either but they are for my son’s girlfriend. I’m going to have to show my son how to lube them because it’s a bit icky for me to do it at this stage of their relationship. After their first born, maybe. ㅡ.ㅡ;;

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LOL. It’s not as weird as it may seem. He wants to make a TKL for her to use at work and I’m just helping him.

For sound test, here is the link - http s://youtu.be/jBDf3gHhQIo
Thank you for the support.