[IC] THINK6.5° — Polycarbonate 65% Keyboard (GB 4/13)


Thanks my friend, will be able to share the prototype images with keycaps (as opposed to the renders) real soon!!


Looking forward to them!


Thanks bro!

Trying my best to deliver an endgame pc board!


Limited Edition full brass version (3 PVD colors) added.


Did you ever offer a badge that matches the case? More of a stealth look?


I planned to give out color badges as additional free raffle items.

But yes, a color poll will be up soon for color badges.


Im in <3


GB coming soon!


Quick question: are there any pictures with regards to how the glass-fiber enhanced black polycarb will look with RGB LEDs (or at least compared to the “regular” frosted polycarb)?

I know I want polycarb for sure, but I am torn between those two.


Hey bro. It will not be able to have shine through. Looks super sick though. Pictures coming.


Sounds good! I am looking forward to seeing pictures; I think that will make the decision much easier. Thank you again for all your hard work!


Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it!


Photo gallery, coming tomorrow!