[IC] Treasure TYPE-9 Macropad Series III

Hi Keebtalk, this is the interest check of the third edition of the Treasure TYPE-9 macropad we are making since 2017. This new version will come with updated internals and new finish/color options !

Treasure TYPE-9 is a fully programable metal 9-keys keyboard, that can be used for shortcuts, as a Stream Deck or simply for Artisan display.
With QMK & VIA support, compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. It also works on iPad ( Works great on Procreate ).

Design-wise, it is a mix of rounded lines and sharp edges, a compact and timeless design that makes it stand out on your desk.



  • 2-piece body construction ( Dedicated Plate and Case )
  • USB-C interface
  • In-Switch RGB LED
  • QMK & VIA support
  • Kailh Switch Sockets ( Or solder PCB as extra )
  • Low Profile custom silicone pads

What’s in the box

  • 1 x TYPE-9 Case - Bead blasted anodized aluminum or PVD Mirror Polished brass
  • 1 x TYPE-9 Plate - Bead blasted anodized aluminum
  • 1 x USB-C to A Treasure Cable
  • 1 x TYPE-9 Series III Hot Swap PCB
  • 2 x TYPE-9 Silicone Feets

Brass Editions :
Full brass case ( 370gr )

  • Full Solid Brass / Jet Black ( Jet Black PVD + Mirror Polish )
  • Full Solid Brass / Purple Mirror ( Purple PVD + Mirror Polish )

Aluminum Anodized versions

  • Aluminum / Anodized Silver
  • Aluminum / Anodized Midnight Green
  • Aluminum / Anodized Purple
  • Aluminum / Anodized Matte Black

Aluminum E-coated versions

  • Aluminum / E-Grey
  • Aluminum / E-White ( Same finish as Series II )
  • Aluminum / E-Sable
  • Aluminum / E-Pink

For information,the following parts will be sold as extras during the Group Buy :

  • Extra PCB ( hotswap and solder )
  • Extra Aluminum plate ( Custom colors )
  • Extra Feets (Custom colors & Low profile version )
  • Treasure TYPE-9 Starter Kit ( 9 Custom Keycaps + 9 Keyswitches )
  • Treasure TYPE-9 Small Travel case ( Will be available in Red, Grey and Black )

Other Info

Concerning the pricing, we are awaiting for final quanity before the definive pricing. For information the last run was $99 to $129 ( + Shipping )
Concerning the finish, Series III “Jet black” is darker than Series II’s “Black Mirror” ( Jet Black is more akin to iPhone 7 Jet black )
Also, a lot of colors will be common with the upcoming Treasure TYPE-30 ortho keyboards,
For information, a clear PMMA version is also in the works, more info soon for this one.

And one more thing, thanks for your amazing support during the Series II run of the macropad. :slight_smile:
Below photos by @alexotos, @macherstudio @karanchauhan @tinymakesthing, @elyxyrine and @backslashrabbit of TYPE-9 Series II