[IC] UD_40 (40% Ortholinear keyboard)

Hi, I am Goldworms from Korea.
I’d like to show you the board that I designed and start an IC thread for it.
Let me introduce you to UD_40, a 40% layout keyboard.
GB has already begun and it’s accepting forms in Korea.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/goldworms_77/?hl=ko

Here are some of UD_40’s specifications.

Base kit includes :

  1. PCB : DZ40 (mad by KBDFans, QMK firmware)

  2. Housing
    -Top : Aluminium 6061or Polycarbonate
    -Bottom : Polycarbonate (4 degrees angle)

  3. Plate : Aluminium

  4. etc
    -Pan Head Screw : 6 x Misumi M2-6L (for joining plate)
    -Flat Head Screw : 6 x Misumi M2-6L (for joining housings)
    -4 x 3M SJ3502 rubber bumps

General informations

  1. Colors
    -Aluminium parts will be silver in color.
    -Polycarbonate parts will be sand-blasted.

  2. Options
    -UD_40 has two options for top housing (Aluminium or Polycarbonate)
    -No price difference between options.

  3. Price
    -Base kit price will be $235.

  4. Date
    -GB is expected to start early April.

  5. Shipping
    -EMS-ships from Korea
    [Asia ($30) / Australia ($37) / EU, Canada ($38) / USA ($43)]

  6. Notes
    -Payments will be processed via PayPal.
    -Helicoils will be inserted to polycarbonate parts.
    -Will be packaged safely with foam sponges and bubble wraps.
    -I will put my best effort into QC, but boards with slight scratches or blemishes might exist and won’t be subjects for replacements or refunds. Same goes to anodizing qualities, I will QC them myself.

Thank you.



Polycarbonate looks beautiful!

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thank you :slight_smile:

I updated the shipping cost.

Do you have more pictures at different angles?

4 degrees angle and There are more pictures in my Instagram.

I agree, that polycarb case is super sexy.

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@GOLDworms - It looks cool, especially the polycarb variant.

With that said, would it be possible to get a top-down shot of the board that more clearly displays the “forehead”?

Thanks in advance. I am looking forward to this one.

I do not have a sample kit for UD_40 now for review. Once you receive the sample kit, I will upload a detailed photo.
Thank you.

polycarbonate looks great; makes me want to try ortho again :thinking: