[IC] What 60% Case Design Should I 3D Print Next?

I’ve printed at decent color range of the Iconic Case, but now I’m not quite sure what people want next.

Here are some albums below of the prototypes if people want to leave feedback of what they think would look good.

Existing Iconic cases and existing colors are on Keyboardbelle.com

Feedback on style, colors, pricing is all appreciated.

Corona Case album:

Cassette Saver album:

Icon Case:

A Side by Side of a few Prototypes:

I’m also debating doing custom orders, but I’d like to add at least a dedicated 3D printer before I offer custom orders so I have a backup to make sure everyone’s order gets delivered even if I run into 3D printer problems.


Seeing the powder pallet in the makeup one made me think about one with a slot for phones and tablets. Especially if someone is using it as a travel keyboard, that might be something people want.

If you started doing cases for 40% boards, I imagine that a phone/tablet tray/prop-up would only be more of a desire.

That’s my “placeholder” for a tablet. I think most tablets should be smaller than that highlighter palette, so they should work.

I’ll print some of those Corona Cases and get some updated pictures with a phone or tablet for better reference.

Fair enough. I think my 7 inch tablet would fit there also. Unless you have a larger than 8" tablet, but I don’t know what the normal dimensions on a 10 or 11 inch tablet other than the obvious are.

My vote definitely goes to the Casette Saver case. My XD75 needs this, yesterday.

You know what would be really cool? One Kishsaver-like case for each half of a BFO-9000. That plus SA Green Screen…mmmmm…

Register only to reply this. Definitely want that cassette saver, but do you have renders of other cases shown on the card inside package?

I really like the corona with the phone or pen style slot but would like to see the front lip raised to the whole case is “hi pro”

In my design process, I make a cache of different designs and then sort through them and name them as I get closer to making a final version. Some of these get abandoned and others get revised and polished. Names get swapped if I think one name fits another design better.

The Icon, for example, is a lower profile and smaller bezel version of the Iconic - so those two names make sense.

The Cassette looked different, but took a turn towards the Kishsaver style, so it became the Cassette Saver and I plan to make the original Cassette design later.

Here’s an album of prototype designs in different stages of the design process:


I also vote for the cassette case.

As for design variations, it isn’t too difficult to offer them, so they will probably fall under custom orders or there may be a “Corona Pro” iteration of the original Corona to cover this style preference.

Also, it looks like the Cassette Saver is winning for people’s preferences.

I ordered my boxes to a certain size, so I may need to make the Cassette Saver width at ~330mm so it ends up being the same width as the Iconic and can actually fit in my shipping boxes :joy:.

make a contra case where you only have to slide it in without screws :smiley:

Id be interested in a case that matches apple caps like the AEK64

casette, makeup or as “Snappo” said an AEK64 like case

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Hi, was interested in embarking on a personal project with a 3d printed case. Was wondering if you have any advice you can offer to a newbie in 3d printing (such as materials, generic settings and stuff). Also, you have some really sweet designs! I would really appreciate any advice! Thank you!

I love your cassette in lightest gray. Cassette Saver is awesome too. Have you considered venturing out into unique layouts that might require another party to design a pcb? Sorry, I’m trying to peddle an idea for a layout that’s practically fullsize. Basically a 60% with a numpad on the right and the arrow cluster offset and down to the left of the 60%. Two columns of macro keys would follow the up/down arrow column and left arrow column. I feel like it sacrifices the least and centers the homerow to the monitor better, though admittedly not as well as 60%.

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I found the Novelkeys Novelpad to be pretty easy to prototype a case for and it’s small, so no worries about printer size. I’d probably look at a Monoprice on the low end and a Prusa MK3 on the higher end as a starter printer to learn on. The MK3 probably has the larger user base for questions.

Fullsize may be a bit too large, depending on the PCB dimensions, my printer may or may not be able to print that large.


what about hhkb style cases?


Another vote for HHKB style here.