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wilba.tech Thermal

Thermal is a new custom keyboard design by wilba.tech and follows the well received Zephyr production.

Inspired by brutalist architecture, vintage computers, and big, black heatsinks, Thermal eschews curves in favor of brutally sharp edges only marginally dulled by thin bevels.

Technical Specs

* subject to change

  • Case Design: wilba.tech
  • Case: Milled Aluminum, Bead blasted, Anodized
  • Case Colors: Black, Red, Silver, Grey
  • Case Top Options: HHKB Blockers, No Blockers
  • Case Slope Angle: 8.0°
  • Plate: Milled Aluminum, Bead blasted, Anodized, 1.5mm thick
  • Plate Colors: Black, Red, Silver, Grey
  • Plate Mount Style: Leaf Spring (details to come!)
  • Plate Layout: Single mostly fixed layout design, with fixed 7U bottom row (i.e. HHKB and WKL), fixed split right-shift, optional 2U/split backspace, optional stepped/full Caps Lock
  • PCB: wilba.tech WT60-B PCB (solderable) with in-switch RGB, daughterboard USB-C, QMK/VIA Configurator
  • Producer: The Foundry/Rama Works
  • Prototype: Soon
  • Pre-order launch date: Soon
  • Cost: TBD
  • Optional Extras: Plates, PCBs, Zeal switches and stabilizers
  • Renders: Zambumon

Keyboard Gallery

Thermal with GMK Metaverse

Thermal with GMK Jamón

Thermal with GMK Metaverse

Thermal with GMK Olivia

Thermal with GMK Jamón

Thermal with Classic Beige

Thermal with GMK Olive

Links of interest

Special Thanks

Zambumon, Pwner (ION Keyboards), riotonthebay (Keycult), Zeal, Olivia, Rama & Kate, janglad, imprevade



Designed by Wilba and Rama Works, these limited edition keycaps draw inspiration from Thermal’s design and give both visual and tactile pleasure.

They are Cherry Profile - Escape Row (R1) with Cherry MX stem and made from aluminum.

They will be available for sale during the Thermal pre-order.

Thanks to Kate and Rama for supporting and collaborating on this concept, and providing these incredible renders!

Link to Album

THERMAL BLACK - Black Anodized Aluminium

THERMAL RED - Red Anodized Aluminium

THERMAL RAW - Polished Raw Aluminium

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Yes plz


Courageous Innovation


:sparkles: b l e s s e d i m a g e s :sparkles:

looks awesome!


Interested. What is Leaf Spring mount by the way?

do the grills make it go faster


Love it.

The heatsinks dissipate heat generated by fast typing :joy:

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Since I missed Zephyr, this is a must!

Details about leaf spring mount will be revealed soon.

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Not really into 60%, because I prefer larger boards, but the retro aesthetic on this one is killer! Would love to see it paired with something like Tex ADA:


It’s not the grills it’s the RGBs that make it go faster, just like PCs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh stop it, this is just too beautiful.
I love brutalist architecture, we have our share here in London… are you from the US? Was it big there as well?

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Really cool case!