[IC] Workmat - High Quality Silicone Work Mat, Colors, USA Made

Hi everyone! Active on other avenues for keebs, was recommended Keebtalk by someone and so here I am.

Our Workmat is hand cast from vacuum degassed silicone, tinted in lovely colors. It measures 15" x 25", that’s or 62.5 cm x 38 cm in Metric. The large bays will hold 110 switches piled up.

Interest has already been very positive already, and we are moving to color proving this week. We have silicone and pigment on order and are going to workout final color mixtures, so that will likely be the first major IC update.

The imgur gallery shows current colors that are highly probable to be available so far.

Thanks in advance, and any feedback is super welcome!


I guess I dont have permission to put links to the GH thread and the Reddit IC, or the Google form. PM me! (sorry)

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I totally get it

Feel free to sent me these links as PM (in the hope that this works) and I can post them here as comment.

Thanks, Thats a huge help!


IC form

Geekhack IC thread

there it is, i had to go through the bot tutorial in private message to earn the trusted cert. Thanks for the offer to post those anyway!


Hi everyone! Thanks for your interest!

The Workmat will very likely enter presale and production! I want to repost this thread, or re make it so it is tidy, so maybe a mod can come in and close this topic for us. There have been quite a few updates since posting and we are in the color testing phase.

The size of the mat prohibits automated manufacturing, so we will always be casting this product. You can see more pictures on the GH post and soon on the imgur gallery.

Thanks again!

Forgive me, I didn’t realize that commenting would bump the thread. I guess there is no real reason to close and remake it.

Up to you, Mods.

Hey everyone major update on the Workmat. We have machined the aluminum master and are preparing to make molds and prototype mats asap! More pictures of the master are on our Instagram and on the GH thread mentioned above.

Hoping to go into presale next week if everything works as planned.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!