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Kailh Choc low profile keycaps. Custom ABS injection - Lightly textured matte finishing - 18x18mm [MX spacing] - Ergonomic shape - Braille indicator keys. All sets have 60 keycaps.

01. Blind keyset

The WRK Blind keyset was designed for the typing ninjas, and comes standard on Creator Board [ext]. The cap surface is a lightly textured matte finish with braille-like indicators for orientation on the arrows, homing keys, and macro keys on the Loop pad. A 1X2U and 2X1U option are possible with the extra keys included in this set to facilitate either setup.

02. Legend keyset

The WRK Legend keyset is an introductory set best suited for users who are new to compact 40% keyboards. The triple labeled “QWERTY”, or R2 row, [of the Work board] helps familiarize users to the positioning of sub-levels for glyphs and numbers. The inverted “T” arrow keys is also reminiscent of standard keyboards. The Nano, Loop, and Work board macro keys are in dot style for a clean look.

03. Daily keyset

The WRK Daily keyset was designed for the daily 40% keyboard user who prefers to have a fully custom layout for their glyphs and number keys.

04. #WFH

The WRK FH keyset is a limited 2020 edition keyset to commemorate the life changing year 2020 was for the world, and also the year Work Louder Inc. was founded. This set will only be available to this GB as a stretch goal.

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