Idobao brand-anniversary

Hello Keeb boys,
I am glad to tell you a great news here about our brand-anniversary! There are 4 parts:
" Flash Sale, Msytery Box, Whole Site Crazy Sale, Lucky Draw",and i will show you the way to join it —Flash Sale: All models of IDOBAO keyboards excluding ID42 are available. What you get from this flash sale will be a ready to use product (keyboard case, switches, keycaps are included). **Price beats the original price of a keyboard case. (Flash sale products are undated everyday, only one for each product. First come first serve.) —Mystery Box: 5 sets of boxes in different prices $29.9: Products from whole site, 5% - 10% of chance to win a set of keyboard $9.9, $12.9, $15.9, $19.9: Keycaps, random chance of winning one or more sets of keycaps $8.8: Switches, random chance of winning, you can request to. Unify the switches you have won by type, color $6.6: Accessaries. —Crazy Sale: 10% - 60% Off site wide. —Lucky Draw: Announced on the day of June.11

Address: Collections – idobao

Keeb people* I’m sure there are more than just boys on this site.

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haha,yes, girls are also welcome

and yet no edit. Weird.

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Probably just a translation misunderstanding or goof-up, but would like it changed to a neutral word, like people or folks.

Interesting how something as small as this can override an entire thread.


A lot of great prices. I saw that your running the same anniversary sale in your AliExpress store, except for the shipping being hefty

(10SEK ~= 1USD)

V1 boards were half price that is a deal!

Mystery boxes are always off putting to me, basically just gambling which is like pretty not cool imo especially with the number of young people interested in keyboards. I remember a vendor doing it in the past as a way to unload stuff that no one wanted to buy…


yeah,QMK haven’t support bluetooth yet