Iinko x KeebNerd IC

Hi Guys!

If you don’t know, I’m iinko!

I have teamed up with KeebNerd, known for their Mechkeys and tech inspired apparel.

They have worked with u/Rensuya for their Mizu and Red Dragon merch.
They are also well known for doing The Techne Merch, artisan designer - TinyMakesThings, and Too much Tech

With their help, I can bring you guys some nice Halloween Merch! I also now can bring my switch designs onto apparel!

We just need some final opinions, so it would be great if you could fill out the IC!

Since I can’t put links here, please check out the IC over on Reddit. You can find them on my profile u/itsScylic in r/mechanicalkeyboards and r/mechmarket

-iinko x KeebNerd

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