Im a newbie....that likes Rama Works & Lenovo T series

Hi. My name is Thomas, I’m 44 years and from Norway, far north, closest city Tromsø. Ive been å fam of RAMA Works, and I wondering if anyone has an opinion of Ramas keyboard? Also, would like to hear what you would suggest as my first mechanical keyboard?
Thanks for letting me in. For me, a keyboard is very importent. Therefore I do like the T series by Lenovo, Lap tops.
Best regards to you all.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Rama boards get a lot of love from the community. His designs are generally on point.

Thankyou, much appreciated
Yeah, I guess theres easy to spend some cash on these beauties. :grin:

Hey Thomas, welcome to the community - happy to have you part of it!

Glad you like our products, we’re super excited for the keyboards we have lined up for the future :smiley:

As for a first keyboard, I’d suggest putting something together yourself from components/kits you can find around, it’s always rewarding putting together something personalised too - if you can head to a local meetup as well or meet some others from the community and try out some switches and find which kind you like. I’m still continuously honing into which switches I like the best, currently using Aliaz Silent Tactiles and thoroughly enjoying them.

Lenovo’s are also super cool; I used to have one of the W-series workhorse laptops, love the boxy look, and their keyboards were always decent - kind of miss it now :frowning:

Hope you enjoy your stay here in the forums!

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You have excellent taste, @ThomasAasen. Welcome! :smiley:

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I too am a fan of the ThinkPad T-series laptops. Was sorely tempted to get that 25th anniversary model but sadly couldn’t justify it at the time.