I'm Bob and I'm trying and failing to make resin keycaps

Howdy all I’m BobCarltheThird. Some of you may have seen me stick my head out on geekhack occasionally and am also a regular at the Ohio keyboard meetups that Matt hosts. I’m trying to get into the artisan space but haven’t had any success so far.

In terms of the actual keyboards I have a maroon CA66 with Box Navies and a set of SA Strong Spirit.

A leopold FC660c in Gray with blue accents and BKE Heavy domes.

An XMIT round one Hall Effect board that kind of sucks but is still kinda neat

A cheap 60% build that has lubed Cherry Blacks and Nautilus on it. It was supposed to be a travel board but it turns out I HATE linears and refuse to use it

A purple Pearl that’s supposed to have GMK Laser on it but is instead stuck in my room unloved because it hasn’t shipped yet.

And finally I have the first board that I’d ever built. My KBD75 with Gateron Greens and SA F22.


My house has a mold issue. I think I’ve tracked it down.


They’ve got to dry somewhere. I can’t put them In the garage because dust will ruin the molds.

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