I'm N9vem or for short N9

…or just Imre. I’m from Hungary I’m a real lurker, I usually don’t post much. It started 3 years ago when I bought my first mechanical keyboard. It was a Roccar Ryos MK. Somehow I found a post on the internet about building custom keyboards. I felt I had to try it. I ordered components and built a GH60 Satan, and a GH60 rev. C. quickly after. But for me the real deal was not the 60%s but the GNAP! plateless I built. It was like real custom board. After that, I was sure that I want to build custom keyboards. This is my little story about how I got into keyboards. I really like small keyboards despite the fact they are useless in my language. My workhorse keyboard is a Lauer Fischer MX1800 with its original doubleshot keycaps. I have a lot of other keyboards, mainly mechanicals.

What I am interested in is creating custom keyboards from scratch, designing layouts and having fun.

I dislike universal plates, micro usb and other minor technical things.

p.s: my name is pronounced as Novem (it means 9)

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Glad to have you, sir!

Welcome aboard!