I'm rhinestonebones - 2 kids, 1 wife, 5 keebs, 0 money

Hello everyone

My title is a joke, really. I actually haven’t spent a lot of money on keyboards. The kids are no joke though. They’re real …and they cost a lot more too.

I started with a Kinesis advantage due to crippling boneitis.

Discovered QMK (turns out it wasn’t a keycap profile)…

Obsessed over the perfect layout… Discovered mechmarket… Switched to Colemak.

My first “build” is the XD75re in a kbdfans “WALUNT” wooden case with XDA Canvas and MX Zilents (black). I use a 40% Atreus at home which i adore.

My endgame board will be something like a high profile Atreus62/Zen/Sol/Ergodox with sculpted keys and silent linear switches.

i’m currently working on a small project which i’ve always wanted to have when searching for keyboard things on reddit.



Hello and welcome!

Ergodox are sexy :smile:. Looking forward to some pictures!