Important Information Regarding Mechs and Co GMK Sets

Trying to make sure that I get the word out as much as possible. But please read this!


Mike, you are one of those folks that make this hobby great, and we appreciate all that you do.

Thanks for this. I know it’s not the outcome that folks may have wanted, but it will be a better outcome then we all were expecting.


Kinda off topic but not exactly… does anyone know of a thread tracking the other group buys of Mechs and Co that aren’t GMK? I haven’t found anything other than the individual group buy disocrd servers with really no updates. I have a Hubble65 that is in limbo

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While not quite the same, I just got a notice a few days ago that my XOX70 dispute was declined by Mechs. It is now escalating up the chain at VISA.

Mechs have had their Shopify back for a while now. Website is still closed, no notification. All this talk with community leaders is nice, but nothing to their direct customers :roll_eyes:

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Hey, willing to volunteer my time to help with processing orders, verifying information, do routine tasks. Who do I get in touch with?