[In-Stock] Athena Cherry PBT Keycaps Set - Budget, Ships In 1-2 Days

:purple_heart: Athena PBT Cherry Keycaps Set :purple_heart:

The Athena Keycaps Set is a keycap product designed by ArmorSuit studio. It’s inspired by the goddess Athena and features a graceful color scheme of lavender and pure white. This unique keycap incorporates symbols of Greek mythology, including olive branches, snakes, and owls, reflecting Athena’s characteristics of intelligence, protection, and foresight. The novelists showcase a refined cartoon image of the goddess Athena, capturing her cute side. We believe these meticulously crafted keycaps can bring a touch of ancient Greek mythology and elegance to your keyboard, embodying the timeless beauty and virtues of Athena.


  • Price: 59USD


  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: High-content PBT semi-shading material
  • Process: Sublimation
  • QTY: 202 keys
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
    Note: This keycaps set comes with an additional purple spacebar



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This colorway isn’t for me, but I love those novelties. And $59 for a full kit with alternate alphas plus FREE SHIPPING (I’m in the US) is an incredible deal. Please feel free to keep posting cool stuff here :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback, we will keep updating new posts here! :slight_smile:

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