[In-Stock] JWK Zi Yuan Linear Switches

Zi Yuan switches are the third product of Sui Xin Studio’s flower series. Zi Yuan is a type of iris, which matches the color of these switches. Its English name is Purple Iris. Zi Yuan switches are mainly made of Morandi color gray and purple. The outer housing is lighter, and the stem is deepened with the same color to enrich the color layering. The overall style is elegant and cool.



Sound Test


Linear switch with smooth travel

Fog-transparent light guide column with good light uniformity

The spring material is made of purely imported stainless steel wire from KOS Korea.

Switch Specs

Type: Linear

5 Pin

Top Housing: Nylon

Bottom Housing: Nylon

Stem: P3 (JWK’s exclusive material )

Housing color: Morandi color gray purple

Lubrication: unlubed

18mm spring

Actuation: 2.0mm±0.3

Travel: 4.0mm±0.3

Actuation force: 42g±1gf

Bottom out force: 55g±1gf

Service life: more than 50 million times

Manufacturer: JWK

Reviews (TBD)

Maker mods

Zi Yuan switches use a pure nylon top housing, mixed nylon bottom housing, and improved P3 stem for reduced wobble and for a smooth typing experience, these switches are the best options for a readily available linear.

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+1 for full travel! I am so so sick of long pole linears. The only ones I’ll even consider at this point is the long pole HMX switches as they are adjusted to have full travel yet still bottom out on the pole.