[In-Stock] Limited Dolphins 75 Keyboard Kit, Better Typing Consistency

Dolphins75-Crescent White


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Just like the name of the keyboard, its design inspiration comes from the streamlined shape of the dolphin’s forehead bulge and the gradual shrinking shape of the tail. The special curved design makes the keyboard look simple and elegant.

Besides, it provides you the smooth silky touching feel with better case craft, feel like touching the dolphin’s skin.

As lovely dolphins are friends of human beings and always accompany us at sea, we want to make Dolphins75 more user-friendly in daily life, just like the dolphins accompany you all the time.



  • Full CNC 6063 Aluminum top and bottom case

  • Full-built weight: 2.4kg

  • Typing angle:7°

  • Front Height: 20mm

  • Size: 327mmx150mmx18mm

  • Mount: Gasket-foam mount

In order to improve the typing consistency for all keys, we use the gasket - foam instead of the gasket to keep every single key the same typing feel.

What’s more, it makes the build process simpler and easier by combining the gaskets and foam.

PCB Specifications

  • 1.2mm thick

  • Single key flex-cut design

  • Hotswap PCB supports ANSI layout; Solder PCB supports ISO & ANSI layout

  • QMK & VIA support


  • Top and Bottom case ×1

  • Weight ×1

  • PC plate ×1

  • Hotswap PCB ×1

  • AI03 Daughterboard ×1

  • Connection cable ×1

  • Poron gasket-foam ×2

  • IXPE switch pad ×1

  • Poron bottom foam ×1

  • Footpad kit×4

  • Screws and wrench ×1

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Dolphins75-Barbie pink

Dolphins75-Rock grey


that aint no dolphin


took the words outta my mouth. One of the most iconic names and designs of a keyboard. This ain’t it. I’m a bit taken aback that they either don’t know this or don’t care.


Probably not a horrible board, but naming research was not on point here