[In-Stock] Sisyphus65 - Gold chamfers, Gold cylinder weight, Dual-color anodized badge, Morse code, No flex cut PCB

Greetings keyboard friends.

We are delighted to present to you the Sisyphus 65, an exceptional keyboard with a distinctive shape and weight. Our vision for the Sisyphus 65 was to create a visually appealing keyboard that draws inspiration from the absurdist tale of Sisyphus, a well-known ancient Greek myth. Our aim was to achieve a sophisticated design that is easily recognizable due to its uniqueness. To pay homage to the dystopian hero, we have incorporated contoured lines on the keyboard that depict the hill and the boulder.

The PVD stainless steel column represents the weight of the boulder, while the straight lines on the main part of the case top represent the hill. Moreover, we have included the Morse code “C L I M B” on the top of the keyboard, a word that is used repeatedly in the Sisyphus story. Additionally, we have used dichroic anodizing on the front of the keyboard and the metal badge to add to its charm and character.

Overall, we are confident that the Sisyphus 65 will capture your imagination and leave you enchanted with its exquisite design and attention to detail.

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Showcase | Sound Test | Assembly

edwardtanujayaa ( E-White)
NearLucid (Mountain Black)
Edwardtanujayaa ( E-White)
DBOKEY (Mountain Black SE.ver )
Keybored ( Forest Green)
nearLucid (Mountain Black )


  • Case color
    E-White with gold chamfers

  • Plate Material

  • PCB
    Hotswap PCB
    VIA Supported
    Support ANSI Layout
    Support Ladder Caps Key
    Support Split Backspace

  • Rectangle Weight - Stainless Steel
    PVD Gold

  • Cylinder Weight - Stainless Steel
    PVD Gold

  • Strip
    Flat strip
    Mountain-shaped strip

  • Dual-colored anodized badge

  • Mounting structure: PCB Gasket

  • Case Material: Full CNC 6063 Aluminum

  • Typing Angle: 6.8°

  • Size: 320mmx130mmx34.33mm

  • Front Height: 19.24mm

  • Weight:1.25kg (Without switches and keycaps)

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