[In-Stock] Space Crisis PBT Cherry Keycaps Set, Space-Themed, A Journey Into Space, Free Shipping To Some Countries

Greetings to all keycap enthusiasts.
Introducing our first space-themed keycap set- Space Crisis! :artificial_satellite:
These keycaps feature a futuristic design, giving an overworldly look. Made from High-content PBT semi-shading material, these keycaps are durable and compatible with most mechanical keyboards. Let’s take a look! :rocket:


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The design of the keycaps is inspired by the awakening of artificial intelligence which is the cause of the crisis. We use red lines to represent the sight of AI. The following is an explanation of the ideas of each part. (Note: These parts will not be sold separately.)

  • Alpha: The content is the English and Russian versions of planet names to express the imagination of future technology.

  • Mod: We designed a set of arrows and incorporated the iconic red line into it to show the behavior of artificial intelligence manipulating human beings in the future. : β€œβ‡‘β€ stands for lift, β€œβ‡“β€ stands for landing, β€œβ‡β€ stands for delete, β€œβ‡Œβ€ stands for handover, β€œβ†β€ stands for acceleration.

  • Novelties: We made the Enter key the carrier of the walkie-talkie, and reflected the danger and suddenness of the space crisis through the content of the dialogue that there was no response after asking for support.


  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Material: High-content PBT semi-shading material
  • Process: Full five-sided heat sublimation
  • Quantity: 140 + keys in a full set
  • Thickness: 1.6mm



  • Cherry MX cross-switch
  • Gateron switch
  • TTC switch
  • KTT switch
  • JWK switch
  • Kailh Box switch
  • Other types of customized switches. ( Note: Logitech Omron switch is not applicable)
  • Matching Layout: 60/61/64/65/68/75/84/87/96/98/104/108/etc. (40% and HHKB and other special layouts can not be perfectly adapted)


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