INCOMING - PMK SA Grab Bags Sale on August 28, 9AM PDT

What the title says. Grab one here - Grab Bags -

Thanks for the link! I didn’t know they were doing another soon. Grabbed one!

Thanks! I was able to get one, I don’t have enough of SP’s garbage in my life :smile:

Cheers! :smiley:

You call it garbage… Others call it opportunity to help out other members with missing keys / kits and make some petty cash in the process. :wink:

Don’t forget sweet sweet trades.

Ugh. Missed it again.

I just call it reselling garbage.

Damn. Will edit and post again on this thread if it goes live anytime soon. Or may be you can keep the tab open? :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the best way of getting notified about the availability of these?

Stay glued to the community because PMK doesn’t send notifications for these (clearly written on the grab bags page). This second round of grab bags in July itself was a surprise.

There are addons for your web browser of choice that keeps track of any changes done to a page - so you could highlight “out of stock”, and if it changes then the browser will notify you.

Edit: seems like you have to choose quantity before the out of stock message appears, and the catalogue doesn’t show any indifications of in/out of stock either. Hmm…

You could probably check for “Wishlist” on the grey button (rather than add to Cart or Purchase / Buy Now)

You can try all the tricks you want to use “Add to cart” button, the bottom line remains the same - PMK will ship grab bag(s) only if they’re in stock.

If you guys still want to buy a PMK grab bag, another sale is happening on August 28 at 9AM PDT.

These bags contain keys from.SA Industrial, SA Grade, SA Photostudio, SA Dasher/Dancer, SA Lime, DSA Ice Cream, DSA Miami Dolch, DSA Beyond, DCS Percent as well as some prototype SA-P keys.

Hmm, nothing from sets I’m looking for, but those prototype SA-P keys may be of interest to some collectors.

Good luck to all who will be attempting to grab these bags!