Input Club Kira Review: Got 99 Keys, But A Fn Ain’t One

A full review of the Input Club Kira.


I got my Kira last week and I really do like it. I may have missed this in your review, but were your stabilizers loud? Mine were extremely rattly so I clipped and lubed the spacebar stab and removed the others, so it’s much quieter now.

Mm, I didn’t feel like mine were rattly, no. That’s all really subjective, of course. :slight_smile:

Stabilizers are always kinda weird to me. Also, are you going to go over any bugs with flashing your board in the programming review? I had a few hiccups with mine at first.

That’s the plan, yeah. I felt like I was heading down a rabbit hole with the config stuff, and experience tells me 1) that would be a good standalone piece and 2) trying to wedge it into this review was going to delay the pub date by weeks. Also 3) it’s already a pretty long read, lol!

So I just outlined the issues I ran into in the review, and will let that suffice for now. But please DM me with what you ran into, that could really help inform what’s going on.