Interest Check - New colourway suggestions for Deskpad

Hey everyone. We ran this interest check on reddit last week and got some really good feedback which we would like to build on. We are looking for suggestions on possible new colourways to add to our best selling deskpad design.

All suggestions are welcome!


Keyset colorways I think might look cool with this design:

  • Skiidata: dark grey background, orange accent

  • Hyperfuse: light grey background, teal & warm purple accents

  • Dusk: navy background, teal / cyan accent

  • Terminal: black / graphite background, lime accent

  • Wavez: dark green background, lime accent

  • Taro: warm lavender background, teal & yellow accents, maybe a little bit of black

  • Mecha-01: black or royal purple background, lime and/or royal purple accent


This is great feedback. Thanks!